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There were a lot of thread questions in the comments on the giveaway post, and some good advice too!  I wish I had a video for everyone that commented, but alas, I only have the one for the blog.  But, I do have some good news.  If you didn’t win, there is a lot of good information on thread choices on the Superior Thread website.  Just go to their education area on the Superior Threads website – Here – and click on cotton threads, second listing on the right column.

Signature Thread Therapy - 3

There are also education articles on a number of other subjects like needles, other thread types, and machine information.  There are also some videos with some of the Thread Therapy information there.

The magic number generator did its thing, and the winner is

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.22.24 PM

Congratulations to Heather, who said –

“I would love to watch the DVD as I am trying to get my head around all the different threads that are now on the market and Bob seems to know it all. Where to start is my issue!”

I’ll be sending you an email for your address.  Thank you to everyone that entered!


2 thoughts on “Thread Therapy Winner

  1. Rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    Yay I am so happy for Heather. She will enjoy her lucky prize.
    I am going to learn more about thread.
    Thank you for sharing the links and the video. I will watch it while I walk on the tread mill…. that should work huh?
    I used two bungeeee cords and strapped on a 5″ wide board across the rails, so I can look at my lap top….. if I am careful haha
    Oh I meant to tell you. My sister has this Kenmore Machine. She says she thinks it is a terrible machine (total disrespect! ) I cleaned and tuned it all up for her last year. I told her not to throw it away. She can give it to me. I have many others she can choose from anyway. Yours is in a table. Perhaps I should find her a table, then she will love it.
    Happy week-end Carole

    Ps; I tried to comment on my iphone at mom and dads 😀 then it wanted my password which I could not remember

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