A walk in the forest

I really enjoy hiking and  Saturday it was just too pretty a day to stay inside with temperature in the low 60s and clear skies.  Time to go to DuPont Forest for a nice walk.  We have hiked this area many times in the past, and the trails range from easy to very difficult.  It is so relaxing to me to be in nature, on these forested paths, especially when there are few others around.


We took a reasonably easy path to the covered bridge this time.


A lovely, serene setting with the stream going under the bridge.


Looking to the left, the flowing stream went over the side, creating a waterfall.


Beautiful, isn’t it?  Even in deep winter, the evergreens are gorgeous.  We didn’t hike to the waterfall this day, but here are two pictures of it from the last time we were there.

High Falls Covered Bridge High Falls wider view

There is beauty in winter’s architecture, like this mountain laurel’s branches –


Or the rocks next to the bridge –


As we continued walking, the path widened.


Moss grows on a tree stump with dappled sunlight –


A feathery pine tree gathers the sunlight


We continued on for a while, then circled back on another path to the car.  It was a great time to get some exercise and clear the mind at the same time.  There is no place like Western North Carolina.


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