Well Loved Quilt Repair

If you are local and have a well loved quilt needing repair, my rates are very reasonable.  The total amount is completely dependent on the amount of damage and the length of time it takes to fix.  Repair costs in the past have ranged from my minimum of $50 to over $300, depending on what has to be done.  I am willing to do quilts mailed in, if you are willing to pay the postage both ways. Typically I need to keep your quilt for a few weeks to work it into my schedule.

How to Contact Me for a Quilt Repair – Just send me an email at frommycarolinahome (at) gmail (dot) com  with the subject line of Quilt Repair Inquiry and let me know what you need.  Please include the dimensions of the quilt, along with four to five pictures of the damage, one overall and several close up.  BE SURE TO SET YOUR CAMERA OR PHONE TO MEDIUM SIZE PICTURES.  My email will not allow receipt of attachments of several large 5mb pictures all at once.  Set your picture size to under 500 kb.  I answer inquiries within 24 hours most often the same day within just a few hours, so if you do not hear back from me in 48 hours, please check your spam folder.  If I haven’t answered you, it means I didn’t get your email.  Please resize your pictures smaller and try again.

Please understand that what I do is repair damage usually by patching areas that are torn.  I can reconstruct edges, reattach appliques and rebind quilts by machine.  I can do some patchwork, seam repair and applique repair by hand, but I do not hand quilt, and cannot add hand quilting to patches.  The customer is responsible for supplying all fabrics needed for the repairs.

NOTE – I have more quilts right now than I can handle, and will not be taking any new repairs until February 2020.  Please check back with me then.

Here are some of my posts of repairs so you can see some of my work, or to help you do your own repairs if you wish.  Comments from customers can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Raw Edge Applique Quilt Repair

Raw Edge Applique Quilt Repair at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Repair of a Silk Dupioni patchwork.

Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Repairing a Severely Damaged Quilt

Severly Damaged Quilt Repair at From My Carolina Home

Applique Quilt Repair

Applique Quilt Repair @ From My Carolina Home

Repairing a Damaged Quilt with patches

Antique Quilt Repair ~ From My Carolina Home

You can see the story of the repair of this badly damaged Sunbonnet Sue on my page, Mountain Needlecrafts Quilt Repair, on the Carolina Mountain Longarm Association website.

Dog vs Quilt

Damaged Quilt Repair at FromMyCarolinaHome.com


9 thoughts on “Well Loved Quilt Repair

  1. Liesel

    I was so pleased with the repairs done to my quilt! It looks as good as new. Everything was matched so well with the original pattern that even I had a hard time picking out where the repairs have been done. Excellent work!!!

  2. Sharon

    Carole restored my grandmother’s quilt beautifully. No one else would touch it, but all it needed was some appliques restitched and a corner reconstructed. You cannot tell where the repairs are!! Very pleased.

  3. Elizabeth J Young

    Your work is wonderful! I am beginning to do quilt repair for myself and others. May I use you as a resource as needed since I do not have people locally to consult with?

  4. Elizabeth Walling

    We got the quilt today – it looks wonderful! I can’t thank Carole enough for the care she put into preserving our quilt. It really was in terrible shape, and now we can enjoy it for years to come. Thank you so much!!

  5. Lori P

    Oh my goodness. It’s impossible to tell which are original or replacements and I bought the fabric! You are an artist. I’m going to have a hard time mailing this beauty to Houston tomorrow. Its on my dining room table and I walk in there and marvel at all of the fabric and stitches that went into this quilt.

  6. Alicia Hunsaker

    I understand you are booked for quilts to repair until February 2020. I have a quilt from my late mother-in-law that has 107 damaged patches, and I am willing to wait until you can fix it. I would like to send pictures and discuss it.

  7. Wendy

    Carole! Thank you so much for the fabulous work on my well loved quilt! It was given to me by my mom and I cherish it so! Thank you for bringing it back to life so we can love on it for years to come! Your talent is immeasurable! I cannot thank you enough!

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