Fixing Quilt Problems

I frequently run into issues with not only my own quilts, but also those that are given to me to quilt for charity.  These posts go through some of the problems I have seen with tips on how to handle them.  See also the page on Quilting Basics.

Reworking the Cottage Garden Quilt
– Taking a quilt completely apart because I hated the quilting, then requilting and rebinding it. Here is how to skin a top from the backing.

Cottage Garden Quilt remade | From My Carolina Home

Fixing a Mistake in a Finished Quilt
– Realizing there was a piecing error in this quilt after it was quilted and bound, this post will show you how I lifted the incorrect patch placement, re-stitched and then requilted it.

Switching color patches - 5

Loading the Longarm – some of the things that I encounter with charity quilts, and how I deal with them.

Loading the Longarm | From My Carolina Home

Fixing More Wonky Quilt Problems – more of the things that come up charity quilting and how to handle them

Fixing Quilt Problems ~ From My Carolina Home

How to Use a Towa Gauge – solve 99% of your thread breakage with this tool.

How and Why to Use a Towa Gauge ~ From My Carolina Home

A Radical Idea to Handle a Wavy Border

QOV Tumbler Fix 5

QOV Quilt – Fixing fullness with steam after the quilt is on the longarm.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home