Scrap Dance Quadrille Mystery Quilt Along – Step 5

It is month five of the Scrap Dance mystery quilt along for 2023, and I hope you are having fun with this! For those just now finding this mystery quilt along, click on Scrap Dance Quadrille Step 1 for the overview with fabric requirements and cutting instructions, and then on Quadrille Step 2 for the first sewing step. The third month’s clue can be found at Scrap Dance Quadrille Step 3. April’s clue is at Scrap Dance Quadrille Step 4. Today is going to be fun, as we will have a partial reveal after our unit sewing.

This month, we use a bunch more half square triangles to construct pinwheel units. Then add the remaining rectangles to make this unit.

Our lesson for today is on spinning seams. When you have four half square triangles coming together at a point, this means 8 seams and a lot of bulk. Spinning the seam distributes the bulk over a wider section making the point lay flatter. First, as you are sewing, recall last month’s lesson about making HST points sharp., and use that same idea to get your 2-HST units sharp. As you are sewing the two HST units together to make the pinwheel, be sure that your seam line goes through the point on both sides.

Open out the pinwheel and pick out the seams running perpendicularly from the horizontal seam up to the raw edge. Leave the HST seams intact.

Now, open out the seam and push it flat forming a tiny pinwheel on the backside. Note that the HST joining seams will press in different directions now too, going around clockwise or counterclockwise.

Press well. On the right side, a sharp point that lays flat.

Add the rest of the rectangles to make the unit, using the numbers given in the pdf. Press to the rectangle.

Here is your pdf. The block reveal is in it. – Quadrille May Pinwheel and Block A.

Please do not show any part of the download sheet chart or instructions in your photos on social media. Please do not pin any part of this post to Pinterest. Please share your progress in our Facebook group!

The big reveal of the last unit and block will be the June step, so we are getting close! The steps will stay on the blog until the end of July. After that, the posts will be taken down, and a pattern produced for sale. You can purchase my previous Scrap Dance patterns on My Patterns Page. You can also find links to free patterns at the bottom of that page.

Are you excited to see a partial reveal this month? Are you making progress?

6 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Quadrille Mystery Quilt Along – Step 5

  1. Julie

    So excited. I’ve been eagerly anticipating today since May Day & it was worth it! I love, love, love pinwheels & the tiny inside pinwheels are so cute. It’s like we sew a little secret inside our quilts. Time to go sew. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Fun to see the Block A reveal! I’m behind on the last few steps, but hopefully can get caught up soon. Hope you’re feeling better!

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