Scrap Dance Quadrille Mystery Quilt Along

Did you get all your half square triangles done? Ready for the next step? For those just now finding this mystery quilt along, click on Scrap Dance Quadrille Step 1 for the overview with fabric requirements and cutting instructions, and then on Quadrille Step 2 for the first sewing step. Today, we begin making units.

This month we start on the units that will eventually make up the blocks. For this step, you’ll pull the required number of units from your cutting step and the half square triangles you made last month.

Click on this link to get the pdf for this month – Quadrille March Unit A

For today’s lesson, watch your sewing as you reach the end of a unit. I find myself doing this more often than I should, as I quit paying attention at the end, resulting in scant seams that are not a quarter of an inch. If your units don’t match up, this is often the reason. Check carefully as you go, and resew with the appropriate seam allowance. You don’t have to take out the one that is too close to the edge.

Here is the unit we’ll be constructing. One caution, do not make any more than the pdf says you will need for the size you’ve chosen. We will need the balance of the units for future steps.

Press the seams toward the center.

Share your progress on our Facebook group. Next step will publish April 14. Happy Sewing!

8 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Quadrille Mystery Quilt Along

  1. Julie

    Oh, snap, you got me! Yes, I often fail to keep my 1/4″ at the end & make the same correction. If only I’d grab the stiletto, but no. Something in haste, repent at leisure.

  2. Rheanna

    I still have plenty of HST to make but hope to catch up this month and be back on track. 😊 Thanks for the tip on the seam allowance. I will have to watch for that!

  3. Oh, great…I have enough HST trimmed (60% done at this point) to move ahead to this step!! 🙂 Looks very doable. It also means I will have time to pull out one of my previous SD king size quilts, and decide on the “final border”…..and maybe send it out for long arming. I have been “collecting” wide backings for those quilts, so it is time to move them forward too. Thanks for making this month SEW easy.

  4. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    I do that all the time – wander off course at the end of a seam! I’ll be watching that as I make these units. Hope to make a few in the coming weeks.

  5. Sue H

    Great tip! Seems like the beginning and the end of the seam are where we’re least careful/accurate. Never hurts to be reminded to pay closer attention.

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