Scrap Dance Quadrille Mystery Quilt Along

Did you get all your Step 1 Cutting done? If you are just now finding this mystery, click on Quadrille Step 1 Cutting to see the first post and download the cutting instructions. This month we get down to some serious sewing and chain piecing. I have split the steps out so you should be able to do the mystery around your other projects. Those of you who have done my mysteries before will know what is coming today, LOL!!

First, get out all those partial bobbins and line them up on your thread pin. Using these up is easy on a scrappy quilt.

Here’s your assignment for February. Pull out the background 4-inch squares and mark the wrong side with diagonal lines from corner to corner, 1/4-inch away from the center. This is very easy using a Quarter Inch Ruler from MadamSew.

Now, take all of your scrappy 4-inch squares and pair them up with the scrappy 4-inch background squares. Chain piece. If you need more detailed instruction, see my post Chain Piecing Half Square Triangles.

Cut apart. Press to the scrappy side.

Square up to 3-1/2-inches.

Use all the 4-inch squares you have. Here’s your pdf for your sewing room – Scrap Dance Quadrille Mystery QA Step 2.

Please do not show any part of the download sheet chart or instructions in your photos on social media. Please share your progress in our Facebook group!

Are you having fun with Quadrille?


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16 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Quadrille Mystery Quilt Along

  1. Terry

    Good morning, Thank you so much for doing another quilt mystery quilt. I am getting ready to start on this one, but was wondering if you could please give measurements for the different sizes in inches. When I look up charts, there is a wide difference in sizes. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Terry,
      No, I do not give exact measurements in inches at the beginning. I have had people try to guess the mystery in the past, and publish their speculations on their own social media. The sizes are there to give you a basic idea, and can be adjusted to suit your needs at the end by the border sizes you choose. But it is a mystery for now. Most designers do not give seven sizes on their mysteries, so I think I am providing a basic idea without giving away too much at the start.

      1. terry

        Thank you, Carole. I’ll just go for bigger size. I so appreciate all that it takes for you to give us this experience with a beautiful quilt at the end!

  2. this looks beautiful.
    I have saved the two first instructions. I hope to start this some time soon.
    I just have to get some stuff cleared and finished off of my walls for now.
    I love the fabrics you are using. This is going to be springy indeed

  3. Cindy

    I would like to do this, but I have a question. I have a ton of 5″ (charm) squares. Rather than cutting them down to 4″ I’m thinking of using them as is. I know it will make it bigger, but do you see any problems I may have in the next mystery steps?

  4. My favorite unit is always the HST ! I think in one quilt of yours I did about 1400 or so….. 🙂 Will have to work on these MUCH later in the month. Got home from New Mexico & Texas yesterday late, and am trying to get my bearings after being gone for 3 weeks.

  5. I have the first pdfs printed out and ready to go, but not started yet. My cataract surgery
    is all completed, so I’m ready to begin and HSTs I can do! I love your pretty florals – I think I’ll go hunting around for florals in my stash tomorrow.

  6. Your mystery quilt is already looking pretty! I am still holding to my resolve of no new quilt tops until my table is completely clear. I’m getting closer, SR quilt #2 (one of your designs!) is sandwiched and ready to go after Round 2 of the Bee. This afternoon I may even pull fabrics to finish one of the 2022 BOM’s.

  7. Sharon Gratz

    I think it’s outstanding of you to provide the various sizes! My attention span seems to be getting shorter as I age so have opted for the table topper. I did a Christmas BOM last year so had lots of scrappy fabric to use and it worked out perfectly for this table topper. I’m in the process of making HSTs now.

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