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Earlier this week, I had some quality sewing time, and made good progress on the Project Linus quilt on the longarm. I finished the quilting, and removed it from the frame.

The quilting is a cloud pantograph in navy blue Signature cotton thread.

I added a label to the back. Several readers asked last week about where we got these labels. Ours are printed words on a long, cotton twill ribbon that we cut apart. There are about 3 labels per foot. I found a similar one on Amazon – Personalized Cotton Ribbon, and more options HERE.

In just an afternoon, it was done. I’ll turn it in at the next area meeting for our Project Linus donation.

Our guild meeting was yesterday, and I saw an opportunity to get rid of a few yards of fabric, some magazines and notions. A lady was bringing her grandmother’s entire stash for our guild to take whatever we wanted. She was just giving it to us! She wanted it to be used, and she didn’t sew. I thought, well, a few more yards added in won’t hurt and I’ll get rid of some more of my stash. So, these went into the giveaway. Six and a half yards out for Stashbusters, yippee!

She brought a full Suburban of totes and bolts, notions, magazines, books, kits, frames, and fabric, fabric, fabric! I had announced to the guild that she would be there, so lots of ladies were waiting to ‘help unload’ and get first peek at the massive amount of stuff. She pulled up under the port-a-cochere, and we unloaded the bins right onto the sidewalk and began the feeding frenzy.

So much stuff, huge plastic bins along with boxes and plastic zippered blanket bags were full of quilting cottons, along with upholstery weight fabrics and lots of extra goodies for stitchery too. I am happy to report that I managed to get away with only two books and a few magazines, so NO fabric in! I am quite proud of myself for that one. OK, I did look. But I didn’t see anything worth giving in for.

Back in the sewing room, our local guild area is doing a sew-in next month to make Project Linus quilts. Our leader emailed that she was cutting kits for herself, and I thought that was a great idea. I have a length of Mother Goose fabric, perfect for a kid quilt, but haven’t used it. It is a good size for a backing for a little quilt, but I wanted to do something more with it. So I cut the strips apart to use as borders.

This is quilt planning backwards, LOL!! The strips are just over a yard, so I need to create a center that is 36-1/2 inches square. I can always cut the border strips down a bit if it doesn’t come up to exactly that size.

I had some alphabet fabric, along with this darker blue, both went well with the print. So, I cut a bunch of squares and will make a center of a disappearing nine patch. I boxed the elements up, and will work on that during our sew day.

I was putting away the quilts from my speaker day, and noticed a problem with my To The Nines table topper. One of the fabrics was raveling out and the seam was completely open. So, a quick repair was in order. I put fusible web under the section that had frayed and fused it. Then I sewed over the area on both sides with a straight stitch, followed by a zigzag to keep the two sides together. Then I put some Fray Block on the repair to keep it from fraying further.

Thanks to reader Julie who alerted me to the McCalls Quilting September October 2022 issue featuring Quilted Coats! Available for your Kindle reader. I’m thinking of doing a sew-along in August to get one done for this season. If I can get it together, we’ll do it on Tuesdays beginning August 2, and would go something like this –
Week 1 – choose pattern, create fabric and quilt it
Week 2 – pattern placement, cut out and adjust fit
Week 3 – assemble jacket
Week 4 – finishing

What are you working on this week? Are you interested in a jacket sew along?

30 thoughts on “Quilty Chat

  1. clara

    you mentioned “fray block” I just opened a new tube and golly it seems to be sew loose and runny , if you will, was wondering if that is normal. In the past I have used fray check.
    any thoughts?

  2. Kim from TN

    I have used Fray Check, but I will put a bottle of Fray Block in my notions box for just such repairs. The preprinted labels are really nice and quite reasonably priced. Thanks for the link. I would be interested in a quilted jacket sew along.

  3. I have met my goal for July to complete 6 UFO’s, so I need to take a breath. Most will go to project Linus. Rather than taking on more UFOs or other projects donated to me for finishing, I am planning Christmas quilts for two family members. I have the pattern for one picked out but not the fabric and the second I have the fabric chosen but not settled on the pattern. Quilted Jacket? I might lurk and perhaps jump in. So many projects and never enough time for them all.

  4. Debra Skinner

    Hi Carole, The project Linus quilt is beautiful! This week I’ve been working on a hand quilt for one of our guild members who is undergoing treatment for cancer-I have two borders left to put on and then the quilting. I would be interested in doing the jacket sew along. I have a pattern for a rag quilted one and have been collecting flannel fat quarters for years. Debbie

    1. Rheanna

      I love the border fabric for the project Linus quilt you will be making. Perfect for a kiddo.
      I will probably pass on the quilted jacket sew along as I have a lot of other projects that need to be worked on. We have our church quilt auction coming up the first week in September and I have 3 queen size quilts I need to do binding for. Some of the ladies in our group can no longer do hand binding due to arthritis so I have stepped forward to help out. I just wish the weather wasn’t so hot. Hard to want to be under a quilt when it is hot and humid out.

  5. Linda B

    Good to be able to reverse-engineer these things! Good for you! Yikes on the seam…any idea what caused that? The quilted jacket sewalong sounds fun!!

  6. vivian383

    Love to join a sew a long on a quilt jacket ! I made one a few years ago that needs to be recut, and I’d love to make a new one. Have a pattern, lots of scraps, just need a gentle nudge and possibly a group to sew with, and I’d be ready to go.

  7. Ellen Henderson

    Carole, what is the pattern for the Linus Quilt on line today (7.22.22). We do philanthropy quilts for Ronald McDonald and thought this one would work for teenage boys in homespun.
    Thanks, we always enjoy having you at the Landrum Quilters.
    Ellen Henderson

  8. Mary Stori

    Can’t beat the combo of blue and white for a stunning quilt. Your charity quilt project is adorable too. Have to laugh at all the excitement over quilted clothing. Us older quilters can say….been there – done that. It was all the rage when I started quilting in the mid. 80’s and it became the foundation of my many years making wearable art. All my important garments are now part of the University of Wisconsin’s fashion design department.

  9. June Neigum

    A head start on a jacket for the cooler season would be great. Are you going to have a pattern for the quilted part? I think I might look at my Orphan blocks to get inspired.

  10. Thanks for the links to the printed labels – I really need to order some of those! Otherwise, I’m not particularly consistent about labeling my quilts. Your idea for the Project Linus quilt is a fun one, and it will be fun to see what you do with the center. I’ve been piecing a backing for my 2021 Autumn Jubilee quilt. It’s a Halloween version, so I’m using all the Halloween prints I have left to make the backing. Hopefully it will be done by October, lol!

  11. I love the quilt you just finished Carole. I often box up kits or fabric pulls that would be fun to create. It is great to pull it down and work on something you have (sort of) prepped. I have been meaning to figure out how Project Linus is handled now that I am in a new area so this is a good push in that direction for me. Thank you! Take care.

  12. Joan Sheppard

    So much going on by you! Got the McCall’s article (wonderful) on my computer t home, free from my library. Gotta love the library! (Did I mention FREE) The advantage of that is also that I can print patterns without folding books out of shape on a printer! I love the designer of the Alphabet and Animals! Also got a “carload” of fabric from a friend – so made 6 quilts and 2 “Kitty Buckets” for Humane Society (and haven’t made a dent in her largesse! Thanks for so much good news and ideas!

  13. Niki B

    I would like to try the jacket sew along. It’s been a long time since I did any clothing sewing

  14. Donna

    Today I will be putting the binding on a quilt for one of my grandsons. I’ve been making a quilt for each of my grandchildren for about the last seven years and this one is number 11. One more to go.
    I would definitely be interested in a sew along for the quilted jacket. I have some beautiful fabric in my stash that I think would look great and I have wanted one for quite a few years.

  15. Thanks for the link for the labels. I do prayer quilts for my church and give away at least a dozen quilts at Christmas to family and with the labels I just ordered I can attach them easily!

  16. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Count me in for the jacket sew along. I’ll have to look at jacket patterns to see what will work.

    What discipline you have to come away with zero fabric in a quilter’s giveaway event! You rock!

    Love the blue project linus quilt and the idea of coming to a charity event with your “kit” ready to go.

    Am working on a charity quilt for Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

  17. How clever to come up with the border first and then you’ll know just what you want to do inside. Love your Project Linus quilt — it’s really a beautiful quilted pattern. (And the top is lovely too.)

  18. Count me in on the jacket sew along! I’m thinking some denim would be good as I have been saving hubby’s torn jeans for some project. Will you be providing pattern options? Thanks also for sharing the label’s information.

  19. Cathie J

    I like those pre printed labels. I would like to use them for table runners and such. I will have to decide on a design and make an order. I love the Project Linus quilt that you finished. Those Mother goose borders are going to make a wonderful new quilt. I added Fray Block to my Amazon cart. I have always used Fray Check, but it does dry somewhat stiff.

  20. Julie

    Love that outside- in design plan. Quilters are so inventive. And you were successful on you fabric diet too, imagine the fortitude required to pass up the goodies.

  21. Trish P

    I saw a quilted jacket online the other day & it got me to thinking about making one & now the sew along is perfect timing! Count me in.

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