Stashbusters July Check In

Another month has gone by, and we are halfway through the year of using up some of our stashes. Did you do well this past month? I had a momentary lapse, but did get a little bit done.

I picked up my Dahlia quilt from Asheville Cotton’s charity show, and took the opportunity to spend the gift certificate I won. I seriously considered getting a new ruler, or a book, just so I wouldn’t have to count fabric in, but ultimately caved when I saw these beauties on the sale rack at 70% off. So I bought what was left on both bolts, and picked up a free fat quarter for showing my quilt, a total of 6-1/4 yards in.

I finished the Quilt of Valor, counting this as 8 yards out.

I made myself a smartphone case, and another one for a blogger buddy. I’m counting a total of 1/4 yard for both.

On the Madam Sew blog, my post on Fun With Fusible Applique has posted, so now I can count that fabric out. Click on the title to get the tutorial on MadamSew’s blog, and check out their clearance and sales. One yard out.

So far, so good, right? Nine and a quarter out, and only six and a quarter in. It would have been if not for an email to guild members. A former member was moving, and didn’t want to take most of her fabric stash to Florida. When she started the sale, she had over 2000 yards. By the time I got to visit her a few days later, she still had a lot. But at $1 / yard, I just had to see what she might have for backing fabric. I immediately had to pull these two lovely sage greens, plus the purple and green print on ecru and butter yellow. Below that are my stack of papers for cardmaking.

Then I had to add the Oriental on the lower left that had metallic gold accents, and a few more prints. I came home with 19 yards. Ah, well, I’ll use it eventually!

Sulky’s Giveaway this month is another cute sewing bag. Be sure to check out Sulky’s site for great sales on threads and stabilizers. – Sulky Threads and More! For July 4 weekend, take an extra 35% Off Clearance items with the code CLEARANCE35.

If you need to go back to the previous Stashbuster post to find your YTD totals in the comments, click on June Stashbusters. Congratulations to Diann who won last month’s drawing!

So, here are my totals
June Fabric IN = +25-1/4 yards
June Fabric OUT = -9-1/4 yards
June Total = +16 yards
Year to Date = +1 yard in

Share your progress, good or not so good, with your fabric totals to be entered into this month’s drawing, and the grand prize drawing at the end of the Stashbuster year in January. So, how did you do this month?

40 thoughts on “Stashbusters July Check In

  1. Mary Stori

    I almost never purchase fabric except for Test PFD white and when I can find it, solid black batik. However, my expenditures on fabric paint have gone way up!

  2. Margaret Nelson

    June Fabric IN = 0
    June Fabric OUT = -17.5 yards
    June Total = -17.5 yards
    Year to Date = +254 yard in

  3. karenfae

    I do not keep track of fabric like you do and maybe I should but I have so many small pieces I wouldn’t even begin to want to measure it and see what it equals – maybe I should weigh all my canvas bins and see what they weigh at the beginning of the year and then at the end? How are you adjusting to your new smart phone? have you decided if you like it I remember buying it was not an easy decision for you.

    1. Julie

      I remember thinking on Monday that an accounting was due this week & it seemed like I hadn’t accomplished much. But when I went back and checked my list it wasn’t as bad as I thought.
      Jun In = 5 yds (Club fabric sale – $$ supports the club)
      Cum In = 116.3
      Jun Out = 20
      Cum Out = 84.75
      In addition to this, I donated 25 lbs of scraps that were compressed in those storage ‘space bags’. I use fabric down to 1.5″, sometimes 1″ for magic inch quilts, so these scraps were too small to measure as yardage. A friend of a friend makes beds for shelter animals & was delighted with her haul.

  4. June Neigum

    Lots of sewing in May but no finishes. I have a couple finished tops that need a purpose before I finish them. Hopefully by the end of the year. I have undertaken a large quilt of vintage tablecloths and runners that is going to take some time but Xmas is my goal. Fabrics are gathered and begun but . . Fabric in 8 yds. Plus another large quilt from my stash but I only work on it at my quilting group once a week so that is going to take some time. Did finish a Bento box from my stash 11 yds out. Another finish of a panel I embroidered and did a lot of quilting on 1 yd out.
    June fabric IN= 8 yds
    fabric OUT= 12 yds
    June totals = +4 yds
    YTD = +53

  5. Rheanna

    Not a great month. While I was able to get a large queen/ king size quilt done and a table runner for my mom, I ended up doing some Christmas project shopping and ended up with some kits. The other hit I took is working on some BOM blocks that were very slow going. Sine I decided to not count them as out until the top was done, they don’t count towards my out.
    Oh well, there is always next month.

    In: 26.75 yards
    * 2 yards extra wide (5 yds)
    * 2 charm packs (1.25 yds)
    * 20×10” squares white (1.25 yds)
    * 8.75 yards gingham leaves quilt
    * 10.50 yards Giant Star Quilt

    Out: 16 yards
    * 15 yards queen/king size quilt (Top, backing and binding.)
    * 1/2 yd fabric donated
    * mom’s table runner 1/2 yd

    Diff for month: +10.75
    Diff for year: + 25.75

  6. Nancy H

    We are in the midst of moving and I finish anything in June. But, I have donated 10 bed quilts to various groups along with some Christmas fabrics for the guild’s stocking project later this year.
    June In = 0 yards
    June Donations Out = 131 yards
    YTD Fabric In = 1 1/2 yards
    YTD Fabric Out = 400 1/4 yards

    I’m not sure when I’ll get back to sewing, but I have no shortage of fabrics to pack!

  7. KJ

    In: call it about 15 yards. The local store got in the fabric I bought on-line last month. Since I only bought a couple of the designs last month as I did not know if I would like it, and the store had a huge sale, I checked them out. I love most of the line so bought a bunch. Plus, a couple in another line of Halloween fabric, and a couple copper fabrics.
    Out: 0
    But the good news is, I worked in the craft room yesterday, finally. I have a plan to move a couple things around and see how the basic storage and layout works. Then, we will tackle the closet shelving and maybe I can start sewing again.

  8. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom


    Love your Fun with Fusible applique project! Going to check out your tutorial!

    In terms of Stashbusters, even though I got two charity quilt tops done, they did not go out the door so could not count them. I did get apron, bags, carry all and sewing machine cover out or in use.

    June Fabric IN = +2.25 June Fabric OUT = – 8.75 June Total = 6.5 Year to Date = 122.75

    Planning to do better in July!

  9. Sue Hoover

    June Fabric IN: +4.75 yds
    June Fabric OUT: -11.75 yds (Delilah by Swirly Girls)
    June TOTAL: -7 yds!!!
    YTD: +12.25

  10. It’s definitely hard to believe it’s the first of July already. Those are pretty new florals you found! You’ll have fun finding projects for them. I had several finishes this month, and not a lot brought in, so that feels good!
    In: 1.5 yds.
    Out: 5.125 yds.
    YTD in: 17 yds.
    YTD out: 20.125

    Thanks again for the cute zipper pouch! I can find all kinds of uses for it!

  11. poodlegirls

    Didn’t like what I had here for a few projects so I ended up adding 7 yds this month. Did donate 15 yards of Halloween fabric to a group who makes placemats for Meals on Wheels. They try and make them some for Holidays. That was 15 yds plus 2 quilts went to Uvalde this month. Our Linus group got over 400 quilts together for 2 deliveries to the people there, That was 8 1/2 yards.

    June In-7
    June out-23 1/2
    YTD IN-16
    YTD OUT-260 1/2

  12. Evie H

    June was a non-productive month, with funerals, memorials and visitors. Nothing in or out!
    YTD in = 12 yds
    YTD out = 48.45 yds

  13. Jan

    June In: +4
    June Out: -3
    June total: + 1

    YTD total: -130.5

    Used up a lot of scraps but no finishes this month. I blame the increase on my birthday gifts.

  14. Niki B

    June was not quite as productive as i planned. Go figure!

    I finished placemats for my sister and a small purse for myself. I gave my cousin a yard for backing on the quilt a long we are doing together.

    So for June,
    June In = +3
    June out = -4.5
    June net = -1.5
    YTD net +1.5

    I plan to finish 2 quilts in July, so should have better results next time!


  15. Joan Sheppard

    It’s been so hot here that there is nothing to do but SEW!!! 6 quilts in the box! for the kid’s hospital. About 24 yards out the door (or out the door when I take them to guild on Wed.) And no fabric in! And I’ve been to the stores and just not inspired. Sadly, all that fabric used and I don’t see any empty spots! Off to Little League ball game. Thanks!

  16. Well – I think I might be a failure at Stashbusting. But I am a raving success at Stash Purchasing !!! I bought a whole lot of fabric, i mean a whole lot. (I confess to buying half a trash bag from that same lady that Carole bought from)
    But I like having a whole lot of fabric. And, I sewed like a mad woman – and yesterday mailed off a box of 16 kid-sized quilts to Quilts Beyond Borders. Those quilts will go to Syrian refugees, Afghani refugees, and Native American refugees. When I look at the numbers – I bought 85 yards of fabric. And can count “gone” about 80 yards. So, a plus 5 – and a great month of quilts going to work, yippee !
    Thanks, Carole, for prompting us to think about our purchases and our accomplishments !

  17. Well, due to an unexpected medical issue, my May and June have been a total bust sewing-wise. I’m still not quite up to spending time in my sewing room, but hoping July will be a beginning of a return to normal!

    June Fabric IN = 0 yards
    June Fabric OUT = 0 yards
    June Total = 0 yards
    Total Year to Date = -42.18 yards Out
    Year to Date Out = -50.55
    Year to Date In = +8.38

    My April was very productive stash-busting. While at a retreat I finished 3 tops, adding backing to 5 tops (only had to buy backing for 1 top) & sent them off to the longarm quilter. When I get them back all will need binding.

  18. I did well this month…nothing in!!! Woohoo!

    June in. Nothing!
    June out. -5.7 yards
    Year to date. Out. -23.2 yards.

    Why doesn’t it look like my stash has gone down????

  19. Vicki in MN

    Darn garage sale-it made me buy fabric!!

    Report on usage in June:
    Fabric out-40 yards (20 table runners made)
    Fabric In-43 yards
    YTD out- 132.5 yards
    YTD In-39.5 82.5

  20. ‘Did better in June, and hoping to do even better in July. ‘Really trying to stash bust this year.
    June fabric IN- 1 yd.
    June fabric OUT- 2.0 yds.
    YTD fabric OUT- 3.25 yds.

  21. Laura Riley

    Due to some summer activities I didn’t complete as many projects as I was hoping to so my out this month is smaller than I had hoped. The fabric that came in is for specific projects so fortunately no impulse buying to help keep the intake number low.

    June Fabric IN = +9 yards
    June Fabric OUT = -3 yards
    June Total = +6 yards
    Year to Date = +36.5 yards

  22. Kathie Weatherford

    I went to “A Mountain Quiltfest” in Pigeon Forge, TN in June; and of course I had to buy fabric.

    June In: 8.5 yards
    June out: 2.25 yards
    June Total: +6.25
    Year to date: net used 44.5 yards

  23. Wow, your friend’s stash speaks to the investment we make! I’m glad you were able to help her out ;). I’m assuming she kept some? Maybe one or two hundred yards?

  24. Angie VE

    June in= 26
    June out = 0
    June total +26
    YTD= -33

    Finished another 72” square quilt top, so my “to LongArm shop” pile continues to grow

  25. Connie S Wolfe

    Thank you for continuing the Stashbusters Challenge. I’ve enjoyed hearing your progress and reading that of the other quilters. June found me at home, so I had time in the quilting room. One quilt was turned into Comfort Quilts. I finished another yesterday which has me started on the plus side for July goals anyway.
    June fabric in: 0 yds.
    June fabric out: 4.1 yds.
    June total: -4.1 yds.
    YTD: +35.6 yds.

  26. Alexandria

    I am happy to report I am sewing again. I love the sound of a sewing machine and to create with it too = joy No completion for the month but on my way. Thank you for this stash buster Carole. Not only do you encourage and inspire but we are introduced to prolific, kind, and generous quilters Well done ladies.
    June In – 0
    June out – 0
    Year to date – +8.5

  27. Shirley Marvin

    Well, the halfway mark!.. I did 17 yards out and only 3 IN.. BUT can I also count 70 yards of binding out?? Made some aprons from food bags -14 total, can’t see how to show a picture of them, but used the binding for the edges.
    So YTD out – 66 yards plus the 70 yards of binding..
    YTD in – 88 yards
    so need to get to sewing

  28. I am amazed you didn’t purchase more at $1.00 a yard Carole.
    My month was the most I’ve purchased this year but it was all needed for current projects:
    Fabric previous balance: 78 Yards
    Fabric Used: 17 yards
    Fabric Bought: 10 yards
    Balance in stash to use this year: 71 Yards

  29. Sarah

    I am still just inching along on some big projects that I thought I would finish in May. Life intervened but now I am back at it with high hopes for this month and next.

    May was 3 out and 6 in (I missed May post)
    June was 3 out and 7 in
    Total including May and June is 31 in and 21 out

    This month I hope to get the total in and total out more in balance!

    I don’t blame you for buying your 19 yards at $1.00/yard! I might not have been able to stop at 19!

    I won the drawing for sulky thread in April and have just recently been able to try it out. It is lovely and I will be getting it in more colors. Thank you and thanks to Sulky!

  30. Karen Addleman

    I’m late to report this month because of vacation. June has been a productive month for me. No time for shopping so my amount in is 0 yds. I started and finished 2 quilts and a wall hanging so I used up 11.5 yards. My year to date is 19.5 yards in and 22.5 yards out.

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