Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Finish – Part 5

The weather took a decided turn to the colder side this week, truly Autumn is upon us. A rainy day yesterday had me working on quilting projects all day. On the blog today, we finish up today with quilting and binding. I hope you have enjoyed this quilt along. I have enjoyed seeing your projects on your own blogs and on Facebook so much, thanks for sharing. So, when we left off, we were beginning the quilting of the table topper. I chose an 80/20 blend batting for this one.

The pantograph is one I have used a lot, as the gentle swirls compliment the angles of the piecing well. It is Pipeline by Urban Elementz.

The soft brown Glide thread blends well in the darker areas and makes a nice texture in the background.

The center star looks nice with this combination. I am really happy with the way this project came out.

Quilting all done, ready for trimming and finishing.

I made the binding in the same brown print as the final top border. I test fit it to be sure that no seams end up on the corners.

Hand stitching while watching football games, I finished it up last Sunday.

All done! Ready for a Thanksgiving table.

Autumn Jubilee sponsor

Returning sponsor Quilter’s Dream is awarding THREE twin size battings this year (Dream Green, Dream 80/20, and Dream Wool) to one lucky winner.  Dream Green is a wonderfully soft poly batting that creates a market for recycled plastic.  I love quilting with it! Visit Quilter’s Dream, and leave a comment on this post with which batting would you like to try. Then click on the Rafflecopter button below to enter.

Buy Quilter’s Dream Green on Amazon.

87 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Finish – Part 5

  1. Rheanna

    I would really like to try the quilters dream green. I have heard good things about it from a few bloggers but never made the leap to try it myself. Love the way the quilting turned out on your table topper!

  2. Mary Stori

    Ahhhhh, hand stitching the binding in place. A task so many quilters dislike….I should start a business…hire me to hand stitch your binding…..Ha ha Impossible though during the recent nail biting Packer games….keeping my eyes on the screen!

  3. Julie

    This year’s quilt is so pretty & was super fast to make with two of my favorite elements, a star & maple leaves. Mine is all basted & ready to quilt today. I love that pantogragh, if only I could fmq as nicely. Dream cotton is my favorite batting. I’m interested in trying wool batting, it looks like I’m not alone in that.

  4. Sheila

    It looks like Mr. Turkey approves of your new table topper! I would love to try the Quilters Dream Green batting.

  5. Linda B

    So lovely and such a perfect AJ project Carole! Sometime I would love it if you would show us how you square up your tops before adding borders, and again after quilting. I don’t have problems on very small projects, but larger ones are a challenge and I am sure I am missing or overlooking some techniques! Enjoy the rain!

  6. Rosemary B

    This turned out beautiful Carole.
    I have been busy, sewing a lot and just taking care of dad, grandbabies, daughters, hubbs, kitties.
    I have enjoyed every bit of your Autumn Jubilee

  7. Shari K.

    I would like to try the Dream Wool. I’ve never used wool, but have wanted to. I’ve heard great things about it.

    1. Gretchen Romanelli

      I love the Autumn colors in your quilts. The quilting is perfect. I have never used a batting with wool fibers. Maybe that is why the quilting looks so good.
      Getting cold here in upstate NY. First frost and 32 degree temps this am. Had to scrape car windshield. And snuggle under quilts.

  8. Nancy Lewis

    Your topper is beautiful and will be a perfect setting for autumn. I would like to try the Dream 80/20.

  9. June Neigum

    I lilke that someone has found a way to recycle plastic into quilt batting what a perfect use. It would be a win the drawing today. Never quilted with wool either.

  10. Candy Soehren

    I would love to try the Quilter’s Dream Fusible! I wonder how it would work with hand quilting. I have often thought about using a wool batting at some point, too.

  11. Mary Ed Williams

    I have tried the Dream Green batting and I love it! It’s made from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s a double win. I quilt on a Tiara sit-down and the Dream Green is a joy to work with.
    Thanks, Carole, for this autumn blog. I am soooo looking forward to fall and winter!
    Mary Ed

  12. Connie Wolfe

    The Dream Green concept for using recycled plastic is interesting. I would like to try it and the Bamboo product. Your table topper has a wonderful autumn feel. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Paula

    I would like to try the Dream Green batting. It is a great way to use up waste. Thanks for holding this event, Carole.

  14. Edy John

    I’d like to try the dream green and the dream wool. I always use cotton but am ready to try something different.

  15. CarolE

    Your quilt turned out beautifully! I love quilting with Quilters Dream Wool. I would like to try the Quilters Dream Green. I love the idea of recycled plastic.

  16. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Your Autumn Jubilee quilt is beautiful! Mine is to the point of sewing on the pieced squares border. That Quilters Dream Green batting is intriguing – I would love to try it!

  17. Your quilt turned out beautifully. I still love the autumn quilt that I made last year during the Autumn Jubilee. I love using the 80/20 mix batting of theirs, but I keep wanting to try the wool. Their batting is definitely a “dream” to use.

  18. Cathy B.

    Gorgeous little topper! I would love to try a wool batting, but the idea of recycled green batting is wonderful too – curious to see this one!

  19. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beautiful table topper, Carole! I love all the Quilter’s Dream batts and have used most of them. I have not tried the Dream Green so that would be the one I would want to try! Thanks!

  20. Susan G Case

    The table topper color is perfect for the fall. The pantograph is beautiful, too. I think I would like to try the Dream Green.

  21. Bobbie Woodruff

    It turned out beautiful. I didn’t get mine done. I’ll try to finish before Thanksgiving.
    Thank you for the great instructions and the time you have put in doing the quilt along.

  22. Susan N.

    Your quilt is beautiful. Thank you for this Autumn Jubilee. I would like to try the Quilters Dream Cotton Batting.

  23. Jane Major

    I love seeing your all your projects and your nature photos, thanks! I only use Quilters Dream batting and would like to try their Dream Green batting because I believe in recycling!

  24. Kathy E.

    The Dream Wool batting is what I’d love to try. I can imagine it’s warmth and great texture in its quilting!

  25. ChristieB

    I would like to try the Dream Green batting – I especially like that they are recycling plastic bottles – I try to recycle all the time, so this sounds like a great product. Am interested to feel the texture of the batting and the warmth in a finished quilt.

  26. Debbie Miller

    Stunning fall table topper-perfect for todays weather here in the Carolinas! I would like to try the Dream Green.

  27. Connie Boulay

    I have used wool batting and love it, but I would like to try the Dream Green batting to check it out, and to keep plastic bottles a new use.

  28. jrp53

    Sounds like you had perfect quilting weather. I am still in the throes of Christmas projects, currently hand sewing binding as I watch the World Series (Go Astros!), but I am so anxious to make your Autumn Jubilee as those are my “comfort” colors. Thanks for sharing with us. I have already tried all three kinds of batting and my go to is still the 80/20 blend.

  29. mary4g

    Carole, I am loving this quilt, everything about it calls me and have started this to finish for Thanksgiving for my daughters table. I have used Dream Bamboo and love the feel of it but I would also like to try Dream Green. what a great way to take care of so many plastics!! Thank you for everything that you have done this October, so many great ideas.

  30. Karen Anderson

    I love the colors in this quilt! It reminds me of our time in New England. The colors, like these, were amazing. Good memories!

  31. Love the way your table topper turned out. I do have a stack of fabrics that might just work….although my deadlines are all messed up at the moment, so it will be awhile until it rises to the top of the pile!

  32. Joan Sheppard

    This is such a lovely quilt and the quilting is lovely as always! I really dropped the ball on this one but have it in the “do to” pile. Seems it went from nothing to do – to WHOOPs! Soccer games, dog events, RAIN. But by now many of the harvest fabrics are on sale! Thanks

  33. I think I’d like to try the “Quilters Dream Green Select Batting”….have never used wool before either..very interested too. Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way 😀

  34. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I’d like to try the Dream Black Poly. I sew a lot of black and darker fabrics. I absolutely love their 80/20 fusible using it on all my tablerunners as well as bags! Having so much fun, Carole. Thanks again!!

    1. I love the Dream Batting. I especially love the low loft poly and Bamboo. But I have never tried the Green. So if I win, I would like to try the Green. Thank you for all you do to enrich our quilting experience.

  35. Melanie

    Really enjoyed this mystery project, Carole. I don’t usually join in on mysteries, but I know yours are worth joining in. I’m ready to quilt mine on my home sewing machine and bind it before Christmas! LOL I would love to try Dream Green batting. I’ve used other Dream products so expect the Dream Green would be equally as wonderful.

  36. 2cbv

    Your quilt is awesome! Autumn Jubilee is always interesting and well planned. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  37. socarmela

    Love this wall hangings! I would like to try the wool batting. I’ve never used wool before and would like to see how it differs.

  38. Teri

    I’m interested in trying the Dream Green. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you can quilt 12” apart. Wow!

  39. Niki Barber

    I think I’d like to try the Quilters Dream Bamboo. Sounds like a great batting.

    Thanks for a wonderful Autumn Jubilee. Great projects!

  40. Quilting is quite a job, isn’t it! I so admire your work. The jubilee has been fun.

    On another note, a package of calico squares was sent off to you a day or two ago. It went priority so you should have it soon. Let me know if it doesn’t arrive — I have tracking numbers.

  41. Kathleen Dell'Aquila

    I would really like to try the dream green batting. It totally makes sense to me to use recycled materials into something that will be treasured for many many years. What a cycle!

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