Scrap Dance Pachanga Finishing

It has been such fun to see your Pachanga finishes on our Facebook group! So many ideas, background colors, beautiful and fun combinations with my pattern. I just love that! So today, I’ll show you how I finished mine.

When I was cutting my fabrics, I took all I had leftover and cut bricks at 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. These were used as leader-enders for sewing the blocks.

Over the course of constructing the quilt, I easily assembled borders at the same time.

I needed to decide how to do the corners. I auditioned extending the bricks, just laying the corner bit down on the floor to try it out without sewing it. I didn’t like this idea.

Then I tried a half square triangle to turn the corner. Better.

I also tried a solid black square for the corner, and I tried a solid color too.

Ultimately, the HST corner won and I sewed the borders on.

They all needed a bit of adjustment so everyone will believe I am a math genius, LOL!! But really, here is the last section of border, and you can see it is just a bit too long. If I remove a brick it will be too short. I measured the excess so I have an idea of how much I need to adjust.

Moving back to the middle of the border, I take out a smidgen on several seams. I just sew a new seam just inside the original one, shown here in beige and press again. I do not remove the first line of stitching shown here in white.

Voila, perfect fit, and no one will be able to see which bricks aren’t quite as wide as the others.

On to quilting, I loaded it on the longarm. I used black Quilter’s Dream Poly batting, lovely to quilt with and resists creasing. The black color helps keep the black on the top rich and dark, while not dulling the bright colors.

I used a grey Glide thread with grey Bottom Line in the bobbin. The backing is grey too. The thread blends nicely with all the colors in the quilt, and doesn’t stand out too much on the black.

The pantograph is Pipeline, a medium density panto with curves to soften the hard edges of the pattern.

I bound the quilt in black. I like the finishing edge it gives the colorful border.

So, all done!! The pattern will remain up on the blog until mid June, so you have time to go back and get any steps you may have missed. Just use the 2021 Scrap Dance Pachanga category on the sidebar to pull them all up. After June 15, I will take it down to produce as a paid pattern. You can see all the Scrap Dance patterns on My Patterns page.

I hope you enjoyed the quilt along!!

What do you think? Did you quilt along? What are you working on this week?

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23 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Pachanga Finishing

  1. Rhonda P

    I love your quilt! I am still assembling my top but have been planning a scrappy border too. I love the one we did on the autumn jubilee quilt. Thank you so much for this pattern.

  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beautiful quilt, Carole! Love the bright, cheery colors! I collected all the pattern and hope to one day work on it. Life’s crazy at times!

  3. I made mine similar to yours and am trying to put together a block every day as a L/E chain. Haven’t decided on a border yet, but it would be good to use up those fabrics as they’ve been around for years!

  4. How great to see it finished! I like your border. So smart to sew them as leaders and enders while you made the blocks. I have my backing constructed and on the quilting machine, and am working to remember how to load the top. I am trying out red snappers for the first time and it did make loading the backing go quickly. Fingers crossed I can start the quilting soon.

  5. Diane

    I love your quilt and loved seeing everyone else’s on the FB page. After seeing how beautiful everyone’s quilts were I decided that I’ll try making more flying geese and make one of the bigger sizes. Thanks for the fun mystery project!

  6. Where can I find your Facebook group you wrote about? I like to see the different fabreics and finishes? I only served it to make it later on. I have to go to hospital next week and therefor I didn´t make it now.
    Greeting Guilitta

  7. Scrap Dance Pachanga is absolutely spectacular. The design just draws me in to admire. I also love your fabrics and color selection. Beautiful quit and fun mystery QAL. Sadly, my schedule wasn’t open to allow me to join this QAL but i do want to make this quilt one day. Beautiful.

  8. Julie

    Spectacular – all the bright colors shine with that black background! Clever you using a L/E technique to jump start the border & the hst corners nicely tie back to the center field. I love the pattern & look forward to making it again. Thanks for another fun mystery.

  9. Love how your quilt turned out and thanks for showing us how you get your borders made while you are piecing the quilt and your tips for making the border fit. Also, just wondering about the poly backing you use. Do you use the midloft – select? Thanks

  10. Lindi Schneck

    Love this, actually I love all your designs, have made 3.
    Am I missing the link to save the finishing step? I cannot get to it right now and like to save the steps so that when I can I make the quilt.
    Thank you. Lindi

  11. thedarlingdogwood

    So bright and fun! I love the brick border, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs to fudge to make a border fit! Thanks for the reminder about the pattern, I think I missed the last step and I need to save it. Love this scrap dance and can’t wait to make my own version!

  12. Hello Carole, Your quilt is stunning! I love all of the beautiful bright colors that you chose to use along with the black background that just enhances that brightness. As always, the border design that you chose works to add so much extra charm to the design and your quilting design was a brilliant choice, also. I am so glad that I got the chance to see your finished quilt! I once again have had some set backs, but am starting a great road to recovery this go round. I managed to sew myself two shirts and am right now sewing together a bunch of half square triangles and creating a block that I believe I have wanted to make for quite some time. Although, right at this moment, the actual name of the block has slipped from my mind. LOL. Thank you for sharing all of your fabulous talents! Have a spectacular day!

  13. Linda B

    Lovely quilt! And really like your forethought to use the blocks as leaders and enders! I keep making my L/Es from random fabric and not sure it will be super useful. Also really like that you seem disciplined to go ahead and quilt what you finish right away. I have four things to quilt now, and plan to not let myself move on to a new project until they are quilted and bound! Have a great Mem Day weekend and thanks again for such a neat project!

  14. Elizabeth Kelbaugh

    Great quilt design and finish! I love how the bright fabrics pop on the dark background. Thanks for sharing.

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