Scrap Dance Pachanga Step 9 and Reveal!!

Moving up the finish to today, we’ll construct block B and then I’ll show you the finished design. First, though, I got the numbering of the steps messed up, and I have now corrected it. Somehow I had two steps labeled as 7. The actual step 7 is making HSTs for block B, and step 8 is the Block A reveal. So if you don’t have eight steps before today, click on the category on the sidebar to catch any you may have missed.

Construct square in a square units from all the 3-1/2-inch HSTs (the actual step 7) you have left.

Press to one side so you can nest your seams.

You can spin the point to reduce bulk if you like. I didn’t take a photo of that, but just pick out the stitches between the final seam and the raw edge where the points come together, then open the seam up creating a little square distributing the bulk evenly. Press well.

Use all you have.

Arrange with flying geese units and 3-1/2-inch squares to make the block below.

Sew in rows, pressing seams in alternate directions. Block B revealed. Be careful with your flying geese units, making sure the black goose points toward the center.

Now the Pachanga reveal! Arrange your blocks in a checkerboard pattern to create the final design. Here is the lullaby/crib size with nine blocks.

And mine, a larger throw size with 20 blocks. Here is your pdf – Pachanga Step 9/Reveal

So, there we are! Next time I’ll show you borders, quilting and finishing.

Show us your Pachanga in our Facebook group. What do you think of the final design?

23 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Pachanga Step 9 and Reveal!!

  1. Mary Ed Williams

    Wow!! your colors are spectacular! Thanks so much, Carole. I love it. And I hope to start it soon. Right now I’m overwhelmed with yard work, house work, and previous UFO’s. Thanks again.

    1. Mary Ed Williams

      I have no gas to mow (not that I’m sad about that). Expect to see lion and elephant safari coming through the tall grass at any minute. Really no gas here and it’s UNC and State graduation weekend. I have no intention of going out.

  2. Dasha

    Love this one Carole. I have started prepping it as my project to take with me to Retreat next week. It will be my fourth Srap Dance quilt and the first one I won’t be doing as a mystery. I have loved all your designs, so thank you, thank you for keeping us entertained!

  3. Susan Salo

    I love this design! And mine has the black background so I can see how it will look. Thank you for a wonderful pattern.

  4. Linda B

    Love the stained glass look…seems like I am looking from inside to out, and the blue blocks are like sky. So interesting!!! Thanks for another fun reveal!

  5. thedarlingdogwood

    Love it, Love it, love it!!!!!! So fun, and your brights with a dark background are prefect! This has been fun to watch. I did not sew along in real time but I do plan to make it this year.

  6. Annmarie

    I have been keeping up every 2 weeks. Love the end result but disappointed that you lumped Step 9 (HST squares) and Step 10 (Block 8 reveal) in with the Final Layout. Now I have all that sewing to do (which I don’t mind) but no surprise to look forward to! 🙂

  7. linda

    Here is another winner, Carole. I just love two block quilts and the interplay of the elements to form new designs. I was not very spicy with my fabric choices, but I just love how it is turning out. I will try to get the B blocks sewn this week, and then after a long awaited trip to New York to see my daughter and son-in-law, I will assemble the quilt. Thank you so much for the project.

  8. Patricia Evans

    What a lovely quilt. I couldn’t play along this time because I had too many other irons in the fire, but I may save the steps to do later or order the pattern when it is available. Too much to do outside right now to start anything new.

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