Scrap Dance Mystery Pachanga Step 8

We are getting near the end of the mystery, and today you get a big step forward!

But first, it is cold here again, so time to break out a couple of wonderful slow cooker meals so we can sew the day away! If you haven’t tried my Bourbon Chicken, I made it yesterday, yum!!!

Or maybe my Slow Cooker Roasted Garlic Beef Tips would hit the spot.

Now getting to the sewing room, you get to see how some of the elements go together, the Block A reveal!

Gather your elements for this block, beginning with the two-patch and bar units, the four patch units and the 4-1/2-inch half square triangles, and lay out in this pattern.

Sew in rows, or use the web method to construct the blocks. To do this, flip the second column over the first column and sew on the right side. Don’t clip the threads. Stack the third column with the top patch on the top, and sew in order top to bottom to the pieces already sewn.

You’ll have this when you are done, and can easily see how to press each row to nest the seams.

Don’t forget to ensure your joining seams go through the ‘X’ so your points come out sharp.

Here is the block in diagram form.

Download the pdf for your sewing room – Pachanga Step 8 Block A Reveal.

Are you enjoying the mystery? Are you quilting along or saving it for later? Did you put dinner in the slow cooker so you could sew all day?

12 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Mystery Pachanga Step 8

  1. Mary Ed Williams

    Well now that I am drooling all over the keyboard, is there a PDF of the bourbon chicken recipe? Am I just not looking in the right place?
    It is really cold here in the central part of NC which I love, but will be zooming up soon. Speaking of zoom, when can we have another one? They are so much fun and we meet such neat people.
    If you need money to support it, let us know.
    Mary Ed

  2. Linda B

    Love the block! I am saving for later to help me…not good at picking colors and making decisions for a mystery… We had a cold snap too, but the flowering things seemed to come through fine, thankfully! Now to be 80 Monday and Tuesday!

  3. You are so clever to include a couple of ideas for dinners that let us SEW all day! This looks like a fun block! My scrappy self is going to have fun arranging all the various pieces BEFORE I even start sewing! 🙂 FUN times. I look forward to these coming together. Thank you for a fun mystery.

  4. farmquilter

    Thank you for another beautiful quilt pattern!! They work you do to come up with these shows and I really appreciate it.

  5. Myrna Watson

    this was/is an exciting step, block A, so fun to see/sew the pieces go together. Love what I am seeing on the FB page. We do love colour. Thanks Carole!
    My first mystery quilt was with you, we were unable to go south that winter and I did the Scrape Dance Tango, my niece has it on her dining room side table.
    I enjoy the suspense and do look forward to each new step.

  6. Sandy Miley

    Greetings! I’m quilting along and enjoying it. I made your Bourbon Chicken in my crock pot but I didn’t have bourbon so I improvised and used Irish Whiskey. It tasted fabulous! My husband had 3 helpings. Kids liked it too.
    Thanks for all you do. We love it and makes us happy! Blessings!

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