Scrap Dance Pachanga Mystery Step 6

Ready for the next step? I have been enjoying all the progress pics on our Facebook group, thank you for sharing!! If you are a new reader, you can still get in on the mystery quilt along. All the steps remain up for a month past the end, and we won’t get to the end until May. Clues post twice a month, on the second and fourth Fridays. Join in by clicking on the Scrap Dance Pachanga link on the sidebar, and downloading the pdfs for each step so far. Be sure you do the steps in order so you won’t get mixed up with today’s clue.

This step is super easy. Take your remaining two-patches and sew them into four patches. That’s it!!

Here’s your pdf! – Scrap Dance Pachanga Step 6

Share your progress in our Facebook group, and do leave comments to let me know how it is going. Have fun!! Are you quilting along? If not, what are you sewing this week?

I had two articles published at MadamSew in March. I write for them on a freelance basis from time to time. See my articles on Planning Borders, and on Thrifty Quilting, and check out their great deals in their store while you are there, like this deal on rotary cutter blades.

5 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Pachanga Mystery Step 6

  1. Julie

    Oh, goody! I’ve had a hankering to make 4Ps & now will. 10 for Pachanga and who knows how many more from the scrap bin? Then I’ll get back to quilting the background on my mystery quilt.

  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I have yet to start but am still saving them all!! Maybe before too long! How are the rotary blades on Madam Sew? I’ve been using the heavy duty Olfa blades in my cutter.

  3. Joan Sheppard

    And I’m still not caught up! Landscapers are coming tomorrow to cover the “scorched earth” they made last year – planning not planting. Spent too much time this winter with my nose in garden catalogs. Also ordered “The Boy, the Mole…” coming next week(?) A good book to sit on the porch and watch someone else do the garden work! So much good stuff to do! Quilt and read and walk the dog – repeat.

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, What beautiful fabrics you are using in making your patches! I hope that you and everyone are having a great time creating!

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