Scrap Dance Pachanga Step 5

I hope that everyone is caught up with the easy clues over the past few weeks. Today’s clue is a bit more involved, but shouldn’t take a lot of time. I love seeing all your progress in our Facebook sharing group, check it out HERE on the blog page, and click on ‘visit group’. Be sure to answer the questions, especially the one that you agree not to play with mystery elements.

You knew we’d get to do some Half Square Triangles, right? This is the week! Gather your 5-inch scrappy squares and 5-inch background squares. Draw lines on the back of the lighter squares one-quarter inch away from the center.

Chain piece, sewing on the lines, until all are done. See my post on Chain Piecing HSTs for more detailed directions. Cut apart down between the sewn lines. Press to the darker side.

Square to 4-1/2-inches.

All done!

Here is your pdf for your sewing room – Scrap Dance Pachanga Step 5 – corrected.

Next clue will be fast and easy. Have fun sewing!! Are you working on Pachanga? What are you sewing this week?

Ready for Step 6? Click HERE.

7 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Pachanga Step 5

  1. Julie

    I finally got caught up on all my mystery quilts, 2 finished from my guild’s workshop, a flimsy completed but not yet quilted, & Pachanga 4. I was going to quilt the flimsy yesterday, but a sunny day in the 60s! I gardened outdoors in sunshine. Today is sunny again, but Step 4 will be done first.

    1. Rheanna

      I have to say I was worried about keeping up, but twice a month has been a good pace for this quilt. Probably helps that I am making the baby size.

  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I’m still trying to catch up on things I’ve put off for a while that need to get done! And still trying to get to the post office to send you this card for your emb machine!!

  3. Joan Sheppard

    I was looking for the rest of the directions!!!! That was easy! I am so far behind, but I’ll get there – eventually! Taking the last boxes to Goodwill/Amvets whoever is closer – from the last “clean-out”. I snuck in another quilt with really big blocks thinking it would be easy – well it isn’t and I really don’t like it – but the motto is “The Dogs Don’t Care”. I would never take it to the kid’s hospital – never be able to face those people again. Yep it’s that ugly! I’ve made a note of the books – they all look good – you always choose well. I got my shot, my hubbie has his shot and so maybe a short road trip can be sqeezed in and always need a book or 2 for the trip. Thanks, j

  4. Susan Salo

    I’m trying to get at least a handful done on every clue so I’m not too far behind. Except today I cut way more 5″ scraps than needed. Fortunately I still needed 4″ so it was a save! This will be bright and I’m loving it.

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