Scrap Dance Pachanga Mystery Quilt Along – Step 3

Time for the next clue in the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along for 2021!

This month is really simple. Get out all your 2-1/2-inch scrappy squares.

Make two-patches with all of them.

Chain piece for speed.

That’s it! This is a quick sew clue!! Here’s your pdf – Pachanga Step 3

Are you Scrap Dancing with Pachanga?

Click HERE for Step 4 when you are caught up!

8 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Pachanga Mystery Quilt Along – Step 3

  1. Dawn Crawford

    I’m a little behind. Cutting is done, but just getting started on the last clue sewing. Perhaps this easy one will help me catch up. This is my fifth scrap dance and I’m loving them.

  2. Joan Sheppard

    I haven’t even started! Sorry so far behind. But it’s snowing and we are out playing and shoveling and running with the Husky. Gotta run or she drags me! Love the colors – all sunshine and summer!

  3. Susan Salo

    I’ve got part 2 done, but I was really fighting the fabric cutter and my geese were all too small. I’m using 1/8″ seams and not happy! I normally do no-waste but I had the right size die….

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