Pachanga Step 2 Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along

Ready for Step 2? Today we start sewing, and I’ve put the most time consuming step first.

Using the large 7-1/2-inch background squares, and the indicated amount of 4-inch scraps in the pdf download linked below, make flying geese using the no-waste method. Note you will NOT use all your 4-inch squares. Some of them will be used later. When I have a boring task like this to do, I like to use my lap desk and mark the squares while I watch TV to sew later. If you need the full tutorial on how to sew these, see my post No Waste Flying Geese. That post uses a different size, but the technique is the same.

Chain sew the units, cut apart, and then add the second square. Cut apart and press.

Cut apart and press to the scrappy side.

Square up to 3-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches.

Please do not post photos of the pdf download pages, nor post the actual pdfs anywhere else or email them to anyone. They are provided for your personal use only. If others want them, please link to this post for friends to download their own. I am delighted to see your progress on your blogs and on Facebook, and ask only to please not speculate on the final design, or give any numbers of units in posts on your blog.

If you missed step 1 with the cutting instructions, click on Pachanga Begins to get that pdf download.

Download the pdf for Step 2 – Pachanga Step 2 Flying Geese.

Are you Scrap Dancing Pachanga with us? How’s your progress coming along?

Click HERE for Step 3 when you are caught up!

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17 thoughts on “Pachanga Step 2 Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along

  1. Susan Nixon

    I am doing it – table runner size. I’m glad now, because I can suffer through doing FG that way for a few, but I would really hate it for a full sized quilt. LOL We all have our own preferences, and this one isn’t mine. But it will be fine for just a few. I will make them next week. Thank you so much. I liked seeing yours, so colorful!

    1. Sandy

      This is great! I don’t mind FG using this method and having a tool to square them up makes it so easy. I’m doing a table runner. Thank you!

  2. Can’t wait to see what al those geese look like. I’m doing the throw size this year…not the king. I’ve made a lot of FG and this method works well. Thanks for sharing your no waste directions. I always make a ‘test block’ just to make sure I am getting it right. 😉

  3. Joan Sheppard

    The black is just right to set off the colors! Just finishing a Chinese lantern quilt and really could have used your great tips for the triangles. I un-sewed more than I sewed! LOL Thanks, I’ll put this is my sewing recipe book of best tips ever!

  4. Julie

    I’m behind, still picking out fabric. Also catching up on another mystery quilt I started last year. That one was derailed by the holidays among other things & I’m 2-1/2 months behind but should be back on track after this weekend, with both.

  5. Elaine Nemeth

    So thrilled to do this dance
    The twist could not be finished due to 6 month in Hawaii. So home and happy. Have a friend doing the dance too. Thank you so much for this 4th fun mystery for me

  6. Terry R Hanson

    Hello, I have one special fabric that has all colors of bright peppers on it. Can you tell me which step would be best for the focus fabric? I don’t even know if I’m allowed to ask this. . .thank you!

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