Scrap Dance Twist – Step 7 The Reveal!!!

The day you have been anticipating is here!  Today I’ll show you the final design and reveal The Twist!

With the remaining background and scrappy 4-1/2-inch squares, and the HSTs you made in a previous step, make this block.  I am calling it a footprint block.

Here’s mine.

Press to the outside for the center row, and to the inside for the top and bottom rows.  Press the row seams to the outside.

Now for the Twist!  Gather all your blocks, and lay out the first row with all your Block B footprint blocks pointing in the same direction.

Now add your chain blocks for the next couple of rows, alternating the placement on each successive row forming the chain.

Here’s the Twist!  On the next row, twist your footprint blocks to point the other way.  All footprint blocks point the same direction on a particular row, alternating direction with the row above and below.

Then, with the next row, twist back again.  Don’t those blocks remind you of what your feet do when you are doing the Twist?  Keep Twisting until all your blocks are laid out.

Take a picture, or just look carefully to be sure your prints are distributed the way you want.  Rearrange as needed.

Use the web method to construct the top to keep your blocks oriented correctly.

Construction mostly done.

And easy to sew the rows with no additional fuss.  Here’s a pdf download for your sewing room – Scrap Dance Twist Reveal

In two weeks, on May 29, I’ll show you two border options, and the quilting.

Have fun doing the Twist!  What do you think of the final design?

28 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Twist – Step 7 The Reveal!!!

    1. Pat S.

      LOVE it! I’ve always wanted to make a chain quilt and this one is sooo unique. Thank you for a great mystery quilt along Carole! I hope many of your readers will join your Facebook group to see everyone’s color combinations for this quilt. “Friends of From My Carolina Home Blog Group”

  1. LOVE it !! The footprint block is a big surprise…not that I was guessing, but was expecting some kind of star! Fooled me. I love the “chain” effect. I have an book from Eleanor burns on Irish chain quilts and never got around to making one. This is so special and unique. Thanks for a great mystery with the TWIST!!

  2. Linda

    I love it!! So fresh and clean looking for a summer quilt. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you again for another wonderful mystery. They are so much fun to do.

  3. AJ

    Love it! This is the first mystery that I have done and have enjoyed following along. I was worried that I wouldn’t like it (silly me). Now to get busy sewing…

  4. Elizabeth V K

    Interesting block to add special interest. I look forward to border suggestions. Thanks for the mystery.

  5. Susan Salo

    I’ve had to wait to start this one but soon I can! I have several lines of Lilac fabric that will work really well for this. The chains will make a nice lattice effect. Thanks for this!

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Love the way this fools the eye trompe l’oeil – and so nice to be able to use different patterns throughout without making it look scrappy, very elegant. Different colors for everyone’s shoes! Our little pointed toe shoes from the 60’s. Must do this one next. Sorry I didn’t follow along before. Just being the wall flower and now I want to dance too! Thanks for all the work that went into this! Amazing.

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, My oh My…you have a spectacular beauty! I can not wait to see what my blocks will look like all sewn together. This is definitely exciting in every step! I sure hope that I will be able to get on the Friends Face Book Group this month, I am missing everyone so much! Plus, I want to see how every quilt is going to look in all of those lovely fabric combinations. Thank you for sharing your talents in quilt pattern creations and every other aspect it involves. Have a superb day!

  8. Myrna Watson

    Love it. the “footprint” adds the” caricature” to this twist. Looking forward to all the reveals.

  9. Mary Ed Williams

    What a fun quilt! Hope I can get it started in this lifetime, or maybe the next. Enjoy the warm weather. And, yes, Durham-Orange is my guild and I sure hope you can be rescheduled!

  10. Sarah

    This is a very pretty quilt Carole! The pattern is great for a scrap quilt. I love the colors you used. I am trying to finish up things already started so I haven’t joined in but I have kept the clues for later.

    One of my projects has been languishing a good while because of border issues. They were added before I came across your blog and tips for measuring and sewing borders. I liked the quilt and hated the borders because they were very “full” to put it kindly. I was so disappointed I just folded the top and put it away. Well today was the day to tackle it. I took all the borders off, figuring I still had fabric if I needed to cut them again. I found out one of them (the most wavy one) was 3/4 inch too long. I fixed that. Then I split each side and border piece into half, quarter and eight length (its a big quilt) and sewed borders back on, with the border on the bottom. Much Better! Now I am going to piece the back tomorrow and add it to the stack to be quilted. Thank you so much!

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