Scrap Dance Twist – Step 3

Are you caught up with the Scrap Dance Twist steps?  Today we get to the next one and it is the one you’ve probably been waiting for, or should I say dreading, LOL!!

This month, we get to those inevitable HSTs.  Pull the remaining 5-inch background and scrappy squares from your cutting stack.  On the backside of your 5-inch background squares, mark two straight lines, 1/4 inches from a center line from corner to corner.

Pair the background square right sides together with a scrappy square and chain sew on the lines, or just on the inside edge of the lines. Cut the square in half diagonally between the sewing lines.

Press to the darker side.

Square up to 4-1/2-inches.

Now, that really wasn’t too bad, was it?  And the hard part is over now!
Download the pdf for your sewing room – Scrap Dance Twist March Step3
If you are finding this post after April 17, please download this pdf of corrections to the crib size for the next four steps – Twist Crib Size Correction. and the full size Twist Full Size Correction Revised

Share your progress in our Facebook group, just remember not to play with the elements so far.

How’s your Scrap Dance Twist coming along? 

Be sure to see my post tomorrow, National Quilting Day for some fun ideas and special deals!!  It is rare for me to post on Saturday, but this is an exceptional day, and will have a challenge for you too.

7 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Twist – Step 3

  1. Pat S.

    I love these mystery quilt alongs! Thank you for designing them! I also love seeing everyone’s progress on in your Face Book group – “Friends of From My Carolina Home Blog” Looking forward to tomorrows post!

  2. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I will start marking my squares later on today! As always, I am excited to see this Mystery as it unfolds one step at a time! It always appears, to me at least, that I am the only one who never figures them out! LOL. You never have to worry about me revealing anything! Are you working on any other projects at this time? You should post them on the FB page also. I am off to get started on a bunch of housework and sewing for the day! I hope that you have a great day!

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