Retreat Quilt and a Batting Review

On our recent retreat at Febuary Hill, one of the days was spent working on another Quilt of Valor.  I had enough stars left from you, dear readers, to do another To The Nines pattern.  All I needed to do was to make some nine-patches.  I had cut squares and brought them with me, this time using the same light print in the center.  I used the web method to speed piece the blocks.

Retreat To The Nines at

I put the stars on the design wall and began filling in the nine-patches, when one of my friends said something didn’t look quite right.  Whoops, LOL!!  I didn’t even notice this when I put them on the wall.

Retreat To The Nines at

That was an easy fix, happens to all of us!  Then, I continued to fill in the nine patches.

Retreat To The Nines at

It didn’t take long to make all 15 blocks I needed.

Retreat To The Nines at

I again used the web method to assemble the top, first sewing the columns.

Retreat To The Nines at

Then a quick turn and the rows were sewed.

Retreat To The Nines at

All done, and in less than a day!  We started sewing when we got back from lunch around 2 in the afternoon, and then took some time to do dinner before returning to the sewing room for about 2 more hours that evening.  It was done in about 5 hours.

Retreat To The Nines at

When I got home, I loaded it on the longarm.

Retreat To The Nines at

I wanted to use this Tuscany polyester batting to see how it performed.  This is a premium polyester with a soft feel, nicely manufactured so it doesn’t pull apart being handled.

Retreat To The Nines at

I liked it, as it has a bit more loft than cotton, taking up of some fullness in the top.  Using a number of different machines to do a top will sometimes result in a bit of fullness here and there.  Not a problem with a little thicker batting.

Retreat To The Nines at

It was easy to quilt through.

Retreat To The Nines at

I used navy Glide in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Retreat To The Nines at

The pantograph is Fascination by Lorien Quilting, one I use a lot.

Retreat To The Nines at

The quilting went quickly, and I was done in an afternoon.

Retreat To The Nines at

One weekend of watching XFL football games, and the binding was done.  While I was working on this, I found the quilt to be warm but not overly so, yet very lightweight.  I’ll use this batting again.

Retreat To The Nines at

I added a label, and will hand it off to the QOV committee this week.

Retreat To The Nines at

The quilt on the veranda in the dawn’s early light.

Retreat To The Nines at

Looking good, I hope it will make a Veteran feel appreciated.

Retreat To The Nines at

Have you used a high quality polyester batting?

18 thoughts on “Retreat Quilt and a Batting Review

  1. Linda B

    Such a great pattern! I am not crazy about polyester in anything, except perhaps in thread, so would avoid. But glad you had a good experience!

  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    The only poly I have used has been Quilters Dream Dream Poly in the deluxe loft. I used it in my twin grandsons’ quilts and I absolutely love it! It feels like cotton and adds a great loft to quilting. I also love their 80/20 batting. Well, I have to say I love all their batts!! LOL

  3. Great idea to combine stars with 9 patch blocks!
    Looks terriic!
    I have only used polyester batting once and it pilled after a couple of washes and now I only use 100% cotton. Cotton doesn’t have the lovely loft that polyester batts do though.

  4. Sandi

    I love the quilt you finished, all the blocks are beautiful!! I only use cotton batting’s because I really like the flat finished like old quilts. I might give the one you used on my next QOV. Thank you for the review. Hugs,

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, This is another fabulous QOV Quilt. Oh, Whoops happen to me quite often. I try extra hard to check everything numerous times, yet somehow we all have one of these just escape our notice. I am glad that you were able to put another quilt together while at a retreat and that you had a fun time once again! I have always loved a higher loft and used 100% polyester for many years, until I started reading about the differences between the varieties of battings. I still have to use a cheaper batting due to finances. But the internet has opened up a huge selection that was at one time not available to me or to many other quilters. I would like to try the batting you are talking about here because I honestly do love a higher loft. LOL. Thank you for sharing your post today. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and as very often happens, I learned something new!! Have a fantastic day!!

  6. farmquilter

    I’ve used Quilter’s Dream Green and one other poly batting paired with wool for a wall hanging. I usually use cotton or wool batting. I won’t use poly batting on a quilt for someone who cannot move well enough to get out from under a quilt if it catches on fire – poly melts and creates horrible burns. A friend had a quilt sitting on top of an electric blanket and her 3 year old was sitting on top of the quilt…she didn’t know that the electric blanket was on and that a wire had shorted out until she smelled the smoke. When she snatched her child off the bed, she saw that the quilt was smoldering/melting and a bit burned – just a couple of all-the-way-through holes.

  7. Ingrid

    This quilt looks fabulous & it will certainly make someone very happy & comfortable! I love hand binding as it’s the perfect way to experience the warmth of the quilt!

  8. Thanks for the batting review. Currently, I am quilting on the Tuscany wool and wool blend that I won on your blog a few months back, but I haven’t used the polyester. My kids really prefer polyester batting so you have encouranged me to try it.

  9. kathyinozarks

    Beautiful quilt Carole, when I make a quilt I really like cotton overy poly, and I want to make up quilts for the wool batting I bought back when I was quilting more. poly is nice though since it is lightweight-my husband with his arthritis etc is not comfortable under heavy quilts.
    when I was at joanns yesterday-they had several brands of all natural cotton batting-have you used any of those?

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