Scrap Dance Twist! – Step 2

Ready to do the Twist for this month?  If you are just now finding this quilt along, click on Scrap Dance Mystery The Twist to get the cutting instructions download.  Steps will post the third Friday of each month through the reveal in July, then we’ll finish the quilt in August.  The steps will only stay up on the blog until the end of summer, so be sure to get them as we go. If at anytime you think you’ve missed a step, just click on the Scrap Dance Twist category on the sidebar to see all the steps together.  After summer, the steps will be taken down and the pattern produced for sale.

Here we go!!  Count out half of your 5-inch background squares and half of your 5-inch scraps. Use the number of squares on the chart provided in the download. The rest of the 5-inch squares have another purpose, so count carefully.

This is going to be fun, a new way of speed piecing this element.  On the backside of your 5-inch background squares, mark a straight line 2-1/4 inches from one edge.  Note that is two and a quarter-inch, not 2-1/2.

Now, flip the square around, and mark another line 2-1/4 inches from the opposite edge.

Pair the background square right sides together with a scrappy square and sew on the lines.  Chain piece all you have.

Place the sewn piece on your cutting board with the lines horizontal.  Place your cutting ruler 2-1/2-inches from the left edge, and cut the square in half.

Rotate the pieces, and cut between the lines.

Now you have four two-patch elements in a jiffy.

Press toward the darker square.

Step complete!!  This is so easy, don’t you want to do a bigger size?

Download the pdf for your sewing room – Scrap Dance Twist February

If you are finding this post after April 17, please download this pdf of corrections to the crib size for the next four steps – Twist Crib Size Correction. and the full size Twist Full Size Correction Revised
And another update, click on an even easier way to do this step without marking.

Share your progress on our Facebook group, just remember not to play with the elements as we go.

Are you quilting along?

14 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Twist! – Step 2

  1. Ingrid Moyle

    Oh wonderful to see this starting! I have my fabrics ready! I noticed under the tab on your website for this SAL there is a 2020 Vintage Christmas Quilt a long beginning. I can’t seem to select it though. Is it a surprise or can you share some details? Now to sew those squares!
    Kind regards Ingrid

  2. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, What an awesome new method for creating four patches! I look forward to trying it out later on today, after I get the blocks marked and then choose the fabrics to use from my precuts. I also took the time yesterday to start putting together the Tea Cup Quilt Top. Looking forward to a couple days of nothing but sewing. Have a fantastic day!

  3. Linda Mineck

    As an alternative to marking each square , you can put the background square and the print square together right sides together and sew on two opposite sides of the square. Cut in half horizontally and vertically. In this case it would be 2 1/2 inches from the edge. You get the same result with no marking needed. I chain piece one side of the squares and then turn around and chain the opposite side. (You can not print this if you don’t want to as you were teaching a technique and I do t want to override that. I was just adding an alternative method,,)

  4. thedarlingdogwood

    Looks fun and easy so far! Are the fabric groupings intentional–should the scraps be in sets of a certain number? I still haven’t chosen fabric; I can’t decide! Is this one that looks ok with a fair amount of repetition or the more prints, the better?

    1. Mary Jo

      Carole, I love your Scrap Dance Mysteries. And the colors you’ve chosen for this Twist are right up my alley. I pulled out several charm packs of a similar color line so I’m good to go. My question – is all the background fabric the same, 2 different fabrics or scrappy?

  5. farmquilter

    Yay!!! And no, I’m making my king sized, so I don’t want to make it bigger!!! I’ve never sewn 2P together like this, but I think I really like it!!

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