QOV Free Pattern – To The Nines

I have designed an original pattern for Quilts of Valor that I am calling To The Nines. “To the nines” is an English idiom meaning “to perfection” or “to the highest degree” or to dress “buoyantly and high class” (Wikipedia).  Certainly, this applies to our veterans.

Retreat To The Nines at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The design is simple, a variable star with nine patch centers, alternate with large nine patch blocks.  Both blocks are 12-1/2 inches unfinished.  The pattern contains three sizes to meet your needs, and the minimum sizes required.  Fabric requirements are given in scraps, as that is the way most of our groups get their fabrics, just bits and pieces of all kinds of sizes.  This pattern will help you use up those bits in a beautiful design.  The pattern also offers two colorway suggestions.

Download the Free Pattern – To The Nines Quilt Pattern for QOV

Retreat To The Nines at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Share your To The Nines quilt in our Facebook group, Friends of From My Carolina Home.  I would love for those interested to join our group, but you must answer the questions or you will be declined by the moderators. This keeps the group free of spam, and only open to those real sewists and quilters.  Bots don’t answer questions.

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36 thoughts on “QOV Free Pattern – To The Nines

  1. Pat K

    The Myrtle Beach Shore Birds chapter is also holding Sew Day on Feb 1st. We have over 60 volunteer sewers signed up! Everyone will receive a quilt kit to sew. We have many veterans in our area awaiting their quilts and this should help! Love QOV ❤️And all of our members. God bless our veterans!

    1. Frieda Taylor

      I’m hosting a group at Lake Bowen Baptist Church on Saturday from 8-4. Completely new at this endeavor.
      Wish I had your pattern!
      Wish I knew about door prizes etc.

  2. I’ll be participating in a QOV Sew Day here in Utah. I love how you packages your kits…with all the pieces to make 12 blocks. I have been doing them one block in a kit. Takes forever…and I have baggies slipping and sliding all over the place. I am going to be…as my first graders used to say “a copy cat”. Thanks for honoring our Veterans!

  3. Lynn

    I think your “to the nines” pattern is perfect for the day, and useful for many occasions. Enjoy your group sewing. I’ll be watching from afar.

  4. Holly sheehy

    The 9 patch inside the star is a really pretty design in red, white & blue. What is the name of this pattern? I would love to purchase or download (if it’s free at a site) the pattern. I have some fabric similar to your fabric and would like to make a few blocks to donate. Any info would be a great help.

  5. Marie Beers

    Looking forward to the direction for your quilt To The Nines. I am the QOV leader for our group in Athens, Al , so I am the one who cuts all the kits. I have lots of partial FQ’s so those 9 patches will help use up those smaller pieces. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We are having a presentation for 5 veterans tomorrow.

  6. Lisa

    Love the quilt! I’m not able to participate in the Quilt of Valor event this time. We’re dealing with cleaning out my mom’s house since moving her into a nursing home. It has been a big chore!! It hasn’t left much time for sewing at all. But I know that it’s got to be done. I have two sisters but they don’t live nearby and aren’t able to be of much help. We have been able to reminisce a bit as I’ve taken pictures of many of the things from our childhood on into the more recent years. That part has been enjoyable! Of course it’s not been easy on mom at all. But she no longer was able to stay in her home safely. Enough about my situation!
    I love your quilt and can’t wait to try it using my scraps.
    Thanks again for sharing your ’life’s adventures’ with us’. I do so enjoy reading your blog!!

    1. Patricia Forshaw

      Thank you for sharing this fun design. I am a group leader in Albuquerque, NM and we are having our event at one of our local quilt shops. My question is about your prize table. How did you get the companies to donate to your event? We are having prizes but small things that we have donated.

  7. Love every bit of this post! Those anonymous quilt blocks are just gorgeous and make me want to whip home (I think I’m sick) and make some blocks. What a fabulous collect, Carole! I sent my blocks to our local QOV but I need to keep these blocks and this collect on my radar. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Ingrid

    Carole, the anonymous blocks are so lovely! The layout is fabulous so I’m going to work on making my own quilt on my return home to Australia in 2 weeks time (currently in Park City, Utah). Looking forward to seeing Sue and my blocks in your layout (hopefully…totally understand if they don’t if you’re inundated!). Enjoy! Ingrid

  9. Suzanne Crane

    I just made three “to the nines” blocks. Very quick and easy. I’m making Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt with my red white and blue fabrics and these were a nice break. I just put them in the mail for Carole along with a dark blue quilt binding. While my fabrics are out I will cut out this quilt to work on at my next retreat.

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I managed to get 30 Star Blocks finished and they will be mailed today! I had such a fun time making them. If you ever need more blocks, just let me know. I do not have a local QOV. I am looking forward to your new pattern, To The Nines is a fabulous name for the quilt pattern also! I still have a couple of seams left to sew so off to the sewing machine I go. Have a fabulous day!

  11. Joan Sheppard

    Thank you all for the wonderful work you are doing on this project. My husband uses the Veterans Hospital for all his medical needs and to go into this huge facility and realize that the 10,000 plus men and women that use this facility (which is considered its own town and has 2 zip codes!) ALL of these people are foreign war veterans. We often see them sporting these quilts on their beds or wheel chairs with great pride. This pattern is perfect. It emphasizes the similarities and the differences in these valiant warriors. Thanks again.

  12. Rebecca Burch

    I LOVE those blocks you got in the mail! That was such a sweet gesture & they are going to make a spectacular quilt! I also love, love, love your pattern! I love the 9-patches that are all prints & no background.. that’s a great setting! I’ll be sure to check out the QOV pattern section & keep my eyes peeled for that one! My blocks will be late since I was in the hospital last week & will be spending this week in for a bunch more test. But, I promise I’ll send them to you. You can bet my stars won’t look half as fabulous as the ones you got, but you can write them off as “wonky”… LOL! Hopefully my 9-patch blocks for the drive & my modified log cabin for my state group will be better. THANX for doing this!

  13. Melissa Mathews

    Carole, I’ll be sewing with my newly formed Central Florida QOV group at The Sewing Studio in Maitland, FL on National Sew Day then driving the next day to your area for a week. I enjoy your blog as I am also a landowner in Henderson County, NC. We have 2 adult sons and 2 grandchildren living in Hendersonville. It sounds like your sew day will be lots of fun and very productive. We will learn a lot from you and others for use at future National Sew Days.

  14. Suzanne DiCarlo

    Thank you for the picture of your upcoming pattern. We made some similar during our regular QOV Sew Day with our 9 patch blocks and some leftover floating star blocks.

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