Scrap Dance Minuet – The Big Reveal!!

Today is the reveal of the block designs you have been working towards for months.  All those elements will be used to make two different blocks.

Here we go!!  Today I’ll reveal the two blocks, and give you a preview of the overall design.  Starting with the flying geese units, lay out the geese pointing towards a center of a 4-1/2-inch square.  Place the four patch units in the corners with the scrappy prints all towards the center and outside.

Sew in rows.  I pressed these block seams towards the center.

Here it is finished.

You can see why we pressed the flying geese unit seams towards the point, as it now nests with the four patches.

For the second block, place the bar units with the background towards the center large square.  Place the four patch units the same way as before.  Sew in rows and press seams to the outside.

Putting the blocks together, the flying geese connect with the scrappy bars creating points.  The four patch units create scrappy four patches between the four blocks at the corner.  You’ll see a background star in the flying geese blocks, and there will be an overall on-point design that emerges as the quilt gets larger.

It looks like a lattice over a garden, doesn’t it?  Can you see the on-point larger square emerging?  These blocks are simply laid out on the floor.  Next month I’ll show you how I finished mine.  That is, if I get it finished, LOL!!!

I am planning a scrappy border too, to use up the leftovers from the fat quarter bundle.  But we’ll see!!  At the very least, I plan a first border of the same background white to finish off the lattice look.
Here is your final pdf – Scrap Dance Minuet – Block Reveal

What do you think of my Minuet in the Garden?

Update for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project – I now have two more slots for top makers to get longarm quilting done for a twin size or larger quilt for this project.  Please fill out the Quilter Request Form if you have one that you can mail to the longarm quilter to finish.  You must provide the top and backing, and the backing needs to be 8 inches longer and wider than the top.

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18 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Minuet – The Big Reveal!!

  1. Linda

    I love how this turned out. I can’t wait to get started sewing this afternoon. I also love how you prepare your mystery quilts. The quilt is broken into manageable units that don’t leave me overwhelmed or discouraged. Thank you so much for this.

    1. Pat Semeraro

      I love the star design and all the secondary patterns that emerge. Thanks for another fun mystery quilt along!

  2. Rosemaryflower

    Oh yippeeeeeee
    I forgot today was the day.
    I am so glad to work on this, hopefully today.
    It is nice and breezy here, and I should be trimming and yanking some naughty weeds – it will be a struggle of the wants and the musts.
    I hope you have a happy snappy Friday and a joyful week-end

  3. travelingro

    I love this … Thank you so much. Prettier than I dreamed it would be!! The blocks are really special which is not easy to do any more … I love it!!

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Oh this is such an amazing outcome for the Scrap Dance Minuet! You are such a talented designer and I am so thrilled that you share your spectacular quilt designs with us!! I can not wait to begin putting my blocks together and see how they will look. Your blocks are just making a beautiful quilt! I do not remember what size of quilt you are making? For the first time, I decided to go with a lap quilt instead of a queen. Now seeing the results, I should have stuck to my queen sized quilt that I have always made. I will double check and see if I have enough of the fabrics to create enough blocks and go from there. If not, I know I will be thrilled with the beauty of this pattern at another time in a larger size. Thank you so much Carole!! I once again am giving you a standing ovation!!!! Have a glorious day!

  5. Edy

    Thanks for the scrap dance minuet design! I always have so much fun with these mystery quilts. I’m a little behind on this one but more motivated to complete it after seeing the reveal!

  6. Melanie

    This may be your best so far. Beautiful! I love the surprise stars. I didn’t use all florals, so I hope mine looks as nice as yours. I am not a fan of mystery quilt projects, by I knew I could trust you!

  7. dezertsuz

    I like how the blocks complement each other and create new designs. Your fabrics were perfect for this. I’m blind and don’t see the on point, but I do see chains going diagonally! What a great project this one was.

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  9. Rebecca Burch

    Oh my word! This is so soft & so sweet! I love, love, love it! Now I wish I’d played along! Thank you so much for showing this little beauty to us. I love it! Great job!

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