Scrap Dance Minuet – Step 4

Are you ready for the next step?  Scrap Dance Minuet continues today with step #4!

This time it is really easy, just take your scrappy bricks (2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ rectangles) and sew in pairs with the background bricks.  Press to the darker side.

Then, take all your flying geese and sew pairs as well.  Press to the bottom goose, the point side.  I know it will seem counterintuitive, and a bit difficult, but you’ll thank me later.

Be sure to sew through the little ‘x’ so your points come out sharp.

Pair up all you have.

As always, a reminder on sharing, please only post the individual steps as we go.  Do not share your guesses or any playing with the elements in order to preserve the mystery.  Thank you for understanding.  At this point, it will likely be easy for you to guess the final design.  I beg you not to do that.  Play along and keep it fun for all.   Next month will be the final design reveal as we assemble all the elements.

Download the pdf – ScrapDanceMinuetStep4

Are you quilting along?

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10 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Minuet – Step 4

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  2. I have been so tied up with packing, getting a house ready to sell, and moving stuff that I haven’t sewn in MONTHS. I am seeing the end of the tunnel and cant wait to catch up.. I always LOVE your mysteries.

  3. Patricia Evans

    I’ll have to work on this later in the month. Have 3 quilts (all small) to finish that need to get done first. Plus that dang outdoor work gets in my way, though it’s supposed to rain 5 out of the next 6 days, so that will help get the sewing done.

  4. Catherine

    I was looking forward to this step. Just did some yard work and the rest of the day I will be sewing. Thank you, Carole.

  5. Since we’ve been out of town this week, I’ve been away from my sewing machine, but I knew this step would be coming out today. I guess we’d better go home so I can sew! Looking forward to it!

  6. Diane Doppelhammer

    I missed the link for step 3, the flying geese. Can you send me a link for that please and thank you.

  7. Rosemaryflower

    Superb, excellent excellent.
    Normally…. well, you know. I am zippy.
    I should put my last photos up on the Bookface page.
    Then I will be excited to start this next step!!
    This is going to be fun. Your pieces look so pretty Carole

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