Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt Along – Step 3

Time to make more units for the mystery quilt along!  Are you ready for the next clue? (Read on for an update to the Teacups quilt along too.)

This time we make no-waste flying geese.  I’ve put in some affiliate links for my tools.  Pull out the large 5-3/4-inch scrappy squares and the 3-3/8-inch background squares. You’ll use all of them.  On the back of your 3-3/8-inch background squares, draw diagonal lines from corner to corner.  I like to draw two lines, 1/4-inch away from the center using a 1/4-inch ruler.

Place one background square on the corner with the diagonal lines pointing to the center.

Add another background square to the opposite corner with the lines touching.

Pin in place and sew on the lines across both background squares.

Using Aurifil 50 wt thread helps with accuracy.

Cut apart down the center, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Press the background triangles up, forming a heart shape.

Place the remaining two background squares on the sewn units on the remaining corner, with the lines running up between the top triangles.

Sew on the lines.

Cut apart in the center, again leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Press up, forming the flying geese.

Next, I’ll show you how to trim them.  Using a square up ruler, place the diagonal line along the edge of the goose, placing the 2-1/4-inch point at the goose point.  This will give you a 1/4-inch seam allowance below the point.  Trim the side and top.

Now, turn the goose around and place the bottom on the 2-1/2-inch line and the side on the 4-1/2-inch line.  Trim the top and right side.

Download the pdf for Step 3 – Minuet Step 3 Flying Geese .  At the end, you’ll have the same number of geese as you have 3-3/8-inch squares at the beginning.  Each set of one large square and four small squares will yield four flying geese 2-1/2-inches by 4-1/2-inches.  I’ll be converting this post to a no-waste flying geese tutorial after the mystery is done, so this tutorial will be accessible later.

If you use Flickr, I hope you’ll share all your projects as you keep making progress or finish up on From My Carolina Home Project Sharing on Flickr , or share in our facebook group – From My Carolina Home Project Sharing on Facebook. Please comment on each other’s shares too, being a part of the From My Carolina Home community is fun!

Update on the Teacups Quilt Along – It has been nice to hear from people that they really are enjoying the teacups. The Teacups patterns will remain on the blog forever, so you can go back anytime. It is sometimes hard to know what you as readers are enjoying.  You may feel like I have connected with you, had a conversation with you, but when there are only one or two comments then I begin to think that those posts do not appeal to readers.  Comments are the only way I know what you are interested in seeing and doing.  Your support over the last two days , along with a new high in downloads of the pdf, has convinced me that there is indeed interest, so I will stick with my plan which will be several more months of new patterns and ideas.  Thank you for your kind response!!

Are you quilting along?

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29 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt Along – Step 3

  1. joy B

    I really like to see this way of making flying geese, even though I’m not quilting along right now. And I’m thrilled that the teacup quilt will continue, I hope to be able to make one of those in the future. Thank you!

  2. wlbg149

    I am a faithful follower, often am inspired, have a long to do list, but often don’t comment. Keep up the good work, but take time for yourself as well. You’re like the Energized Bunny! Happy and blessed Easter.

  3. Thanks for the refresher on this way of making flying geese units. For me, this is a very accurate and easy way to get crisp points. We were on vacation when this project started, so i have not started yet, but intend to get caught up right after Easter. You have inspired me to do many of the things you have posted about, but haven’t posted all pix on FB. I love your blog!

  4. Linda B

    Totally agree with comments above, we love your blog, Carole! I have not spent five minutes in my sewing area since March 1 about, just too many things on the list for outside. But love spending a little time in my VR sewing room in the morning with a cup of tea, i.e. online with blogs like yours that inspire me and keep my inspiration going. Appreciate all you share with us!! Happy Easter indeed!

  5. Pat Evans

    I finished my last four patch yesterday, so I’m ready to begin the flying geese. I’ve used this method before and I get much more accurate blocks then the flip and sew one at a time method. Thanks for all your hard work in pulling these tutorials together.

  6. Pat Semeraro

    Excited to get started on these geese! Haven’t made many quilts with them. So happy you are continuing the teacups!!!!! I can’t wait to see how it will all be connected.

  7. Kara

    I haven’t made geese like this before, looks really easy! Thanks for the detailed trimming instructions, I have not seen the use of the diagonal line on the ruler like this, looks like it will be really accurate. Thank you for continuing the teacup project, too!

  8. Debbie B

    Thank you for this mystery and for the teacup sew along also. I haven’t been online for awhile so I didn’t respond to your request, but I really like the teacups. I have been printing them off to tackle at a later date. Thanks again!

  9. Lisa Clark

    Although I’m sitting out this particular mystery project, I enjoy reading each and every blog faithfully. I so enjoy seeing pictures of your home, garden, wildlife, trips, recipes, volunteer endeavors and quilt projects. Thank you for all you do and seeing your blog is a weekly highlight for me.

  10. Karen F

    I love this quiltalong! The colors are so cheerful and I’ve been craving yellow lately. When I saw a great yellow on sale, I lost my mind and bought ten yards!! So I have enough for the backing as well as the blocks. I don’t dare start this until I finish a couple of other projects but I’m saving the instructions. I don’t have many of the pastel floraly prints so I was wondering about making this a little less scrappy by using my yellow print with my white background fabric for all of the four patches. Then I could use my other colors and make the other pieces scrappy. Would it be too much or look out of proportion? Would it be better to make all the flying geese yellow and white instead of the four patches?

  11. Brenda

    You just don’t know how much I look forward to reading all about what you are doing. I am elderly and restricted somewhat as to what I can do, but I love reading about all your escapades and looking at all the beautiful photos. I can still sew a little and am inspired by the things you post. Even though I may not be able to follow along myself, I truly love watching the progress.
    The teacups are beautiful, and maybe I could try to make one and use it for a mug rug. Really, thank you for all that you do.

  12. Jeannie

    just wanted to say that I don’t comment often, if ever, but I do appreciate the time and commitment you put into every post you send out. I love the step by step instructions WITH PICTURES. that is “SEW” helpful. thank you!!!

  13. elizabeth BROWN

    Thanks for the tutorial. I haven’t started yet as I am moving, but I have the 4 patch & flying geese patterns. Also the supply list. Is this all at the present? Thanks

  14. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, It has been awhile since I have made any Flying Geese, so I really appreciate your picture helpful tutorial! I am also making some HST for another quilt and we both know how YOU and YOUR MARVELOUS MYSTERY QUILTS turned me into a HST junkie!!! Ha-Ha-Ha, but oh how true it is! Do you know that I have hundreds and hundreds of pre-made scrappy 2 1/2″ HST all ready to put into the right quilt. LOL. Plus, I almost forgot the hundreds that still need to be trimmed to the correct size of 2 1/2 inches!
    Actually, that would make an excellent blog post. I am trying to post more often this month. I am also going to try and post on the Facebook page more often also. Everyone who does are always so nice and someone is always commenting on someone’s post. Which makes a very pleasant visit. I am so glad that everyone is supporting you with their comments. I usually read most of your comments and they always fill me with happiness the way your followers are so much more than followers! I am looking forward to more Tea Blocks and every Clue in the Mystery this year and of course, every post you share with us! Thank you for everything Carole! I am sending you a hug and loads of smiles!

  15. Olivia from nc piedmont

    Have not made flying geese before but your instructions make it look easier than I thought it would be.Also love your flower and wild life pictures , My teenage grandsons are wildlife lovers and I always show them your pictures.

  16. Barbara Dillingham Moore

    Thank you Carole for taking your time and a fair amount of gray matter to design and work out these patterns – but especially for your time and while I so enjoy reading your posts, I am very bad at commenting. Because charity sewing speaks volumes to me, I especially enjoyed the Safelight challenge and being a part of it – you just recently featured my ‘cards of encouragement’ in a post – and that made me smile! And, of course, sending one of our big quilts to the hurricane effort gave my quilt group and me a big smile as well. I hope to get another made and sent early this summer. Thanks again for all you do, you are a very dear woman.

  17. I may finally get to start on this next week! I love your spring florals, I need to reassess my stash and pick a scrappy theme. I’m thinking about jewel tones or maybe brights.

  18. Rosemaryflower

    I am so happy to have step 3. I will get started on this very soon.
    My life is so so crazy, I am so very grateful that you are taking this sew along, snail slow.
    Your fabrics are just beautiful

  19. Melanie

    I enjoy the tea cups, although I’m not sewing then at this time, maybe later. But I am keeping up with the scrap dance and loving it. I haven’t used the no waste method of making flying geese for a long time so enjoying getting this practice again. Love your selection of fabrics, too!

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