Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt Along – Step 2

Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt Along step 2 is here!  This month is an easy one!

Using all of your 2-1/2-inch scrappy squares and all of your 2-1/2-inch background squares, make four patches.

Be sure they square up to 4-1/2 inches when you are done.  Since this is so simple, there is no download this time.

Using pretty Aurifil threads makes piecing a breeze.

Use all you have to make the four patches.  The number of finished units depends on your size, I’m sure you can figure that out.  Here’s mine!!  I love these colors more and more with every time I work with them.

Step 3 next month.  Each step will post on the second Friday.  Catch up with Step 1 Cutting HERE.  Are you quilting along?

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15 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt Along – Step 2

  1. Just finished making some scrappy 4 patches using my August blogger bundle from Needle and Thread! It’s probably not the fabric you had in mind for the Minuet, but I’m liking them!

  2. Catherine

    I am joining in on the fun. I’m a little behind…still cutting fabric but I’ll catch up. Love the fabrics you are using. I am determined to use my stash.

  3. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Carole, does it matter if all the squares have colors? I didn’t have any white or lights to use in this. All my squares are various fabric with colored flowers in pink, purple. Etc! Ty

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I am going to do this Mystery Quilt with you and every one that is also sewing along. Although, I do need to find a storage container that I can get marked properly and set aside for the time when we do move. We are choosing between two cities now, one is in Wyoming and the other is in South Carolina. Just to keep you informed. Before I get started with the sewing here, I have to spend a few more days and finish my baby quilt for the UFO Challenge I am doing with Julie at The Crafty Quilter. I am still struggling with posting on my blog. Alrighty then, it is time to get my self in gear and get sewing. Thanks for the Mystery Quilt, Carole! You know I love them!!! Have a fantastic day!

  5. Rosemaryflower

    Hi Carole, Happy Friday. Oh goodie. I did all of my cutting on Tuesday, so I will try to get these done this week. Right now I am taking care of a 4 month old Aveline. She is so adorable. The kids went to Georgia to see a concert, some cool Christian artist. So they took Lena, but Aveline is with me until Monday. Yay.
    I am excited to sew along.
    This is my first scrap dance along and I am happy to be making the baby size quilt.
    Have a super fun week-end. It is snowing here.

  6. Linda B

    Hi Carole…off topic here…I don’t see your amazon link on your web page…I like to start with your home page link because of all the lovely things you do for us…and while you’re at it, if it could be closer to the top of the page that would be great too (easier to find!!). Loving the new mystery quilt along! Thanks!

  7. Patricia Evans

    I just got home last night from 8 weeks away, so now I have to decide on which QAL to join since I have too many UFOs and projects with deadlines to do more than one (or two, he-he). This one looks like fun and I have tons of florals, so we’ll see.

  8. This is just what I need. I think I can….sew…. I got carried away cutting a couple of weeks ago and then got “grounded” from rotary cutting by the doctor. I have enough cut for the throw size! Shared with the Queen Bees

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