Upcycling an Iron Birdcage

Last fall I scored this two piece birdcage and stand at an auction for very little cost.  Both needed some work, with the birdcage section in really sad shape.  It was that 80s Wedgewood Blue, (a color I cannot tolerate anymore) and had a lot of rust.  So, it needed a makeover.  I have so much fun making over vintage items.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

The rust was more apparent on the underside of the base.  Setting it in the grass, I hosed off the dirt and grime before getting down to the hard scrubbing.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

Cleaning it as best I could with a wire scrubber, most of the rust was knocked off.  Then I let it dry in the sun.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

Using a rust proofing black spray paint in a matte black, I began with a light coat.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

Both pieces were sprayed and allowed to dry for an hour.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

I let that coat dry, then added a second coat.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

Then a third, each one making the coverage a bit better.  Using several light coats prevents the big drips.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

As the pieces dried, I turned them a different way to get the underside of the wires and the bottoms.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

Getting the bottoms of the legs covered the rust completely.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

Now, it looks brand new!  The black paint gave it a wrought iron look that matches the other black iron items on the verandah.

Thrifting Fun at From My Carolina Home

Next we’ll finish off the birdcage with a planter for the veranda.  The best planter for it was this rectangular one, as the opening to get it inside is fairly small.  So, I put the planter in first, and then added potting mix and some plants.

Late May in the Garden 2018 at From My Carolina Home

Those long tendrils of the bidens will trail out of the birdcage nicely in a month or so.

Late May in the Garden 2018 at From My Carolina Home

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The next day, I noticed that the resident fairy moved his house up to the higher view.

Birdcage Makeover at From My Carolina Home

The geraniums are blooming even nicer now too, the veranda is coming along. I’ll be posting about my veranda tablescapes and garden soon.  But read on for the update on the birdcage planter progress.

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Upcycle Birdcage at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Now, a month later, the bidens is growing nicely and blooming.

Upcycle Birdcage at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

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What is going on in your garden?

Upcycle Birdcage at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

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25 thoughts on “Upcycling an Iron Birdcage

  1. that is a beautiful birdcage – I will need to keep my eyes open for one of these when we get home – here it is the beginning of our trip in the motorhome and I have a china collection to bring home and an antique sewing machine that I have had to make room for LOL

  2. Rosemaryflower

    That was a fun project and your idea turned out very sweet.
    All of your plants of the porch look just marvelous.

  3. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,

    Birdcage-adorable! Love the color, I too have chosen the blues to paint my pots and urns that I eventually will be replanting my cinnamon ferns into. Some of my planters have a raised design on them

    Which I want to paint white since my home is beige with a light blue roof and a darker blue shutters and the window frames are white so I thought that would add a little something to the accent color.

    I have some stepping stones I’d like to make to use in various areas so that’s going to be my summer project plus continue going through the posesions to help in my down sizing. Quite a full summer of work.

    Phyllis Smith

  4. LOVE this make over! And LOVE this bird cage!! Be sure to show us an updated picture when the plant matures….as it’s going to look great!

  5. dmociolek@triad.rr.com

    Good morning. I have to tell you your first post about picking up and planting your flower pots, wore me out. You have to have a great love of gardening. The best part of what you do, is that most of them survive the summer heat and squires.

    I have a question for you, have you had any experience with a potted trumpet vine. I was given one for mother’s day and really don’t know how to care for one. All i know is not to plant them close to the house or trees.

    I enjoy your blogg. Blessings. Diane

  6. Janice

    Nice job! Kudos to you for following through! This is the kind of project I would have meant to get to, but probably never would have in the end. Looks fantastic! 🙂

  7. Kathleen Kingsbury

    The bird cage was a great find! I would love to see how that plant grows. Maybe it will get nice and full and climb the wires of the cage. I thought maybe you were going to suspend a pot inside the bird cage.

  8. Carol Preston

    Looks good! You have a lots of energy girl!
    I recognize the rectangular planter. Glad it found a new home with you.

  9. A little off the beatin’ track question. I have a smaller bird cage that would love to do this to. Maybe some herbs..do they do well in shallow pots. I know NOTHING about gardening but would like to give it a shot.

  10. Michele

    That was a lucky “score”! A little paint can fix a lot.
    I live in a very rural area and I have to use birdcages to keep my seasonal plants safe from chipmunks, squirrels and even birds- yes, irony!

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