Square Dance – Allemande Left

Are you ready for the next step!  This one is super secret as I have invented a way to do something fairly complicated in a simple way.  So, this month we Allemande Left!

Square Dance! at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Before we get to the dance part, I am going to reveal the quilt sizes.  These measurements are without borders, so you can make them a bit bigger with your choices.

Table Topper 24″ x 24″
Lap Quilt 48″ x 60″
Twin 48″ x 84″
Full 60″ x 84″
Queen 72″ x 84″
King 84″ x 96″

Now, the unit we are going to deal with this month is the Fabric A unit, sewn to a scrappy.

If you didn’t press your seams open, do so now.  It will make a difference.  Plus, you’ll want to use some Best Press or starch on this unit as well.

Download the pdf for what to do next! Please do not share this on Pinterest, but you may share the final unit on our Facebook group or our Flickr group.  Just keep it under your hat as to how we get there. Here’s the pdf, click on – AllemandeLeft

The next step will publish the third Friday in May.

Have fun Square Dancing!!

Nesting Box Mystery Quilting Box

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Square Dance! at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

18 thoughts on “Square Dance – Allemande Left

  1. Linda B

    Finally getting my stuff together…looks so fun, and glad to see you have a link to Amazon…I will use it! Thanks for putting this together Carole!

      1. vickie

        I meant the block started with 7.5″ pieces. I made a ‘sample’ block, followed your instructions and it turned out perfectly! I should have done that originally…duh! But just laying the template without cutting…I couldn’t visualize it working. Sorry.

  2. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Intriguing!!! I haven’t look at the PDF instructions yet, so this is really a mystery to me!! Thanks for your time spent on this mystery!

  3. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Is this the first step to making this, or did I miss other steps? Is there some place I can go to get the steps if I missed some? Looks like fun!

    1. sheilaoxley

      The step before this one… Come Down the Middle is the step that you made the rectangles for this step. There are two different rectangle units to make in that step…you’ll use the finished block that uses the 3 x 7 1/2 inch rectangles. I hope that helps!!!

  4. Patricia Evans

    Oh, a reminder that I was going to start this when I got home from FL. Alas, a lot of other things have gotten in the way. I may have to save the clues and get back to it later in the year. One question ( which you may have answered but I haven’t had time to go back and read through everything – how much fabric is needed for the single background fabric? I don’t recall seeing that amount, although I vaguely recall you saying that you wished you had chosen a different fabric as your background. Sorry to be late to the game, but I’m sure you understand how that happens.

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Our leader who has seemed to baffle quite a few of us, until we truly figure out this step. I ended up starching my fabric scraps before cutting them into the sized needed for March’s clues. Which, now I am glad that I did…but I still have to get this month done and April done to get caught up. This is so fun, I am looking so forward to both of these steps. Sorry I have not been taking pictures or been on facebook. I have had several other projects going on also. Yours is the best one though. LOL. The sun is teasing us terribly yesterday and it looks like again today. Just when I think the fur babies and I can go out and pull a few weeds, the clouds come rushing in, so we all go pouting back inside. My weeds are going to be as large as my daffadils were this year. LOL. How are all of the beauties doing in your garden? Plus, what quilt project are you working on? Have a fabulous day Carole!!

  6. Just home from my travels. Looked over the PDF for this at my sister-in-laws (oneblockwonderwoman@wordpress.com) while I was visiting. Printed out my own set as soon as I got home.Home for a short week and then off to Washington DC to house hunt with my daughter. (So glad that I didn’t miss any sewing clues). Planning to set up my template and ruler and cut a test block; then pack up the project and take it with me next week, along with my rotary mat. I think I can handle this in the hotel room in the evening. 🙂 Great project!

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