A Housewarming Gift

Some really good friends recently moved to Florida, and we were planning to drive down for a visit.  We used to see them a couple of times a month between club meetings and events, and occasional dinner parties.  I miss his infectious laughter and astute observations of the world, and her interesting conversation and gentle nature.  They have spent many a New Year’s Eve with us, and often have dined with us on our verandah in the summer.  I wanted to do something special for a housewarming gift, to celebrate their new life at the beach.  I have for many years given essentially the same gift for a housewarming of bread, wine and salt, three items long steeped in tradition and meaning.  For this gift, I expanded on the theme with even more items in a big basket.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

I started with a big basket, something she can use for all kinds of things later.  It was a great thrift store find!  I lined it with a sparkly tissue paper.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

Then I found these adorable maitre d’ plates at a thrift store, still new in the box!  Since he is the chef and chief cook in the family and she loves funky little guys in her decor, I thought they would both get a kick out of these.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

So cute, there are different ones on each plate.  They are rectangular, and would work as cheese servers, or cracker plates, or any kind of buffet food or hors d’oeuvre.  I give the dishes to wish for many friends to visit.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

I wrapped them adding ribbon and a bow so they would have something to open.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

According to tradition, wine is given to wish joy and prosperity in a new home, so a bottle of local wine from Burntshirt Winery is added.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

Also for tradition, giving salt wishes for life to always have flavor, and candy wishes for life to always have sweetness.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

I tucked in a small candle as well, wishing the new homeowners to always have light to chase away any darkness.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

I added a big gold bow to the side of the basket, filling it out with tissue paper too.  I have a tutorial on tying these bows, click on Bows.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

So many wishes in one basket, but of course, I had to add a handmade card. I used three papers on the front, with a chipboard element that says “friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life”. The chair and beach umbrella give a nod to their beach life now.  The envelope has a sentiment appropriate for a visit.  Inside is a personal note.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

The last thing added was a loaf of bread to wish abundant food always on the table. I got this right before we left so it would be fresh.

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

If you have someone moving to a new home out of your area, Amazon has some really fun gift baskets you can send – Housewarming Gift Basket– and more at the bottom of the link. Also at Amazon FREE Listens for Audible and a special deal until the end of May.

Ormand Beach Florida at From My Carolina Home

When we arrived at their place for a visit, we enjoyed some of the items in the basket, breaking the bread together in their new home and had a lunch meal on the plates.  Of course, we had to get to the beach on the first day!  More on this later.

Ormand Beach Florida at From My Carolina Home

Do you have a favorite gift to give to friends for housewarming?

Housewarming Gift at From My Carolina Home

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15 thoughts on “A Housewarming Gift

  1. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,
    What a thoughtful gift and the meanings for each item. This is a great thing to have for new bride and grooms and showers of all kinds, births , , birthdays and just remembering somebody that has done something special for us as a thank you. Thanks for the sayings for each item, they are so thoughtful. Hummingbirds are here, seen the first one earlier this week, spring has finally come but it is still on the cool side, suppose to be around 38 Sat. night. Oh well!

  2. lv2bquilting2

    I’m sure you and your good friends enjoyed the contents of the basket, you so thoughtfully put together for them, when you visited them at their new home. From the 2 photos you inserted today, it appears to be in such a beautiful setting, and would imagine the home is as lovely as the setting around it. Will we be able to see some of the other photos you took. If not, I totally understand, given that they might want to keep that private.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Jennifer Rauch

    What a lovely gift – I never know what to take, as so often folks “our age” are downsizing, don’t need more stuff. This would work as a hostess gift too. Clever, clever, clever!

  4. The care and thoughtfulness right there, a lovely gift that would be appreciated so much, and your friends will have memories each time they use the plates and the basket, when other goodies are all finished. Bread, wine and salt, this is the first time I have known about that tradition, it is so nice, I hope I can pass on this gift sometime.

  5. What a thoughtful gift! When we moved to Florida last year I received beach towels and floating devices for our pool. I haven’t had to give any housewarming to friends in my age range only to my kids and their friends and we gave money!

    Great post!

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