Quilting Donation Quilts

It was a productive time in the last 10 days, as I worked though the backlog of donation quilts I promised to do.  Having the longarm down for three weeks didn’t help.  Most of this is my own making, as I wanted to do several small quilts for the club’s donation to Mainstay and Open Arms, both local charities. I did another of the four patch quilt, and got it on the frame.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I still had the Wrought Iron pantograph loaded up, and thought it would do fine for this little quilt. I like the way it overlaps the previous row. Thread was a variegated green Superior with Bottom Line in the bobbin. Warm and Natural batting.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Sunday’s are made for hand sewing binding while watching football games.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

All done with this one.

Donation Quilts at From My Carolina Home

Then, I was asked to quilt a top for a fellow club member, Betty, who has had some health problems. Another member took her blocks and sewed them together with borders. She brought it to me, last week and I was thrilled to see it was Scrap Dance, the original!

Betty's Scrap Dance 1

I love the colors she used. There is a lot more blue than I generally like, but it really works here. I decided to put a swirl pantograph pattern on it to soften the sharper angles.

Betty's Scrap Dance 2

I did the quilting in a lighter ecru color thread, so the texture shows on the light borders. Thread is Essentials on the top, and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Batting was donated to us by the Warm Company, Warm and White.

Betty's Scrap Dance 5

A few minor puckers on the borders were pretty well flattened with some steam and judicious pressing.

Betty's Scrap Dance 3

Overall the quilt looks wonderful. Club member Sharon picked it up to bind it, and it will go to a local charity.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her about the mistake in the bottom row.  Do you like this pattern?  It is for sale on My Patterns page at the top of the blog.

Betty's Scrap Dance 8

What are you working on this week?

25 thoughts on “Quilting Donation Quilts

  1. Linda Hodges

    Shame about the mistake on the bottom row but it still looks a wonderful work. The colours are great.

  2. You’re little 4-patch donation quilt is really cute! Love the focus print in it. Do you remember what line it’s from? I’ve been collecting snail fabrics and would love to see if I can find this one.

  3. Barbara Jenkins

    Very Pretty Scrap Dance. I, also, don’t like quite so much bright blue. But the quilt is really lovely. I like the four-patch also. That is a good size for a quick baby throwlllll

  4. ejwalker5

    Charity quilts are looking spectacular….the recipients will love them and certainly be thankful for their hugs, comfort and warmth.

    Thank you for your generosity, creativity and expertise with the charity projects for our local community.


  5. Sharon Schipper

    Finished the backing for the baby quilt I did from Missouri Star Quilt Co. pattern, now I have to get it off to my quilter. Also I did some wonky 9 patch blocks for a baby quilt from some fat quarters I picked up at WalMart of all places, some name brands! in boy colors, turquoise and red with little doggie footprints, and baseball hats… I found out there’s a reason they have a specific sequence on those wonky 9 patches: did end up with some duplicates doggone it, but when you cut them wonky, you can’t rotate those patches easily! sigh. Got to decide if I’m going to sash them or not, there are 9 blocks that started out as 18 inch and with trimming are about 15 now, but all the same, so no problem. I have some solid turquoise, but it’s a darker shade than the more aqua (I see your Snickerdoodle Link add on the bottom of this page that is closer to the block color) so maybe not, or come up with some white. Love the Scrap Dance, and I’m a blue person, so no complaints!

  6. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Love the donation quits you are working on. Especially liked the last quilt of many colors and the beautiful autumn leaf with the acorns, I’m not much a green person but I really

    Did like that particular print, so autuminish. My friend and I tried to make scarfs out of fleece and I made matching hats to sell but some of the shows weren’t right for us so I’m now

    Looking for a way to get rid of a lot of ready to wear items to help supplement my income. Have been looking on the internet for hats for children in the cancer units to make and donate

    So after I get my esophagus procedure done on the 9th of September and check into my back problems I’ll really tackle that project.. Life can be a problem at times can’t it?

    Anyway you and yours have a great day.


  7. This week i finished 7/10 pillowcases. Working on 3 fidget quilts for guild. I need to quilt them up for tomorrow night! I also picked up my violin last week for lessons. I try to get 5 20-30 minute practices in per week.

  8. Melanie

    Love both quilts and your quilting complements the quilts so nicely. I just finished piecing a disappearing 9-patch quilt for charity…I may get brave and quilt it myself on my home sewing machine, but I’m out of practice so will have to “warm up” first. LOL Enjoy seeing what you are working on, as always. :o) m

  9. when my Mom was alive she made allot of charity quilts from her scraps-she is the only quilter I ever know that did not believe in a fabric stash-she bought per project and then right away cut up the scraps into squares and such for future quilts–her cousin would hand quilt them all for her a really nice sharing prokect

  10. I do like the Scrap Dance one, and four-patches are always great. My biggest problem is building up a back-log of tops… I do sent out big quilts, although linking up with longarmers in my fairly new area has not yet been easy. I like to quilt smaller pieces on my domestic machine, but keep being distracted by new piecing projects I have to jump in to!

    I “chose” to commit to several weekly block-alongs and two new big quilt quilt-alongsi (now that my Scrap Dance Tango big top is finished), I so I have no excuses…

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