Quilting Scrap Dance Tango, and News

Quilting Scrap Dance Tango was a bit different than my usual pantograph.  This time, I decided to do a pantograph design in the interior, and custom quilt the borders.  Longarm quilters call this a semi-custom job.  It is a bit trickier than it looks because the quilting in the pieced section has a definite stopping point, and I didn’t hit it exactly right each pass.

Tango quilting finished 1

I ironed it with my favorite solution of half Best Press and half water.  It came out pretty flat!  Just a minor pucker here and there in the piecing.

Tango Top Pieced 4

Loading the top on the longarm, the bottom is folded up to to the roller so I can see that the borders are put on right.  I took this picture before I changed the thread.  I used King Tut in a variegated green, solid green Bottom Line in the bobbin, and Warm and Natural cotton batting.

Tango Top Pieced on Frame 2

After stabilizing the edges, and stitching in the ditch around the borders, I placed the machine head at the edge of the pieced area, needle down so it would stay put.  Then, I placed a clamp on the rail underneath to stop me from going into the border.

Quilting Tango 10 C clamp

Even so, I still managed to bump it a bit on this pass.

Quilting Tango edge 1

So I went back and picked that overage out.  Then forgot to remeasure the clamp, so I got this next time.

Quilting Tango edge 2

So I had to pick that out too, the rest of the pantograph area went fairly well.  Then I turned to the first light border.  I wanted a regular loop as the width was a bit too much for ribbon candy.  I marked regular intervals with a water erasable pen, using the folded paper method.

Tango quilted beige border 1

I quilted the loops, going around each mark.  That little bit of overage from the pantograph was just left as it was.  I should go back and pick it out, but I’ll decide on that later.

Tango quilted beige border 2

I soaked the marks with Sew Clean, works like a charm to take out the blue marks.

Tango quilted beige border 3

First border done.

Tango quilted beige border 4

Now for the outer border, I decided on my favorite bead board as the print is pretty busy.

Quilting Tango borders 2

The binding is a solid green, the same as the backing.

Tango binding

A few nights of slow stitching, and the quilt was done.

Tango Cover Shots 3

I like this one just as much as the first Scrap Dance.  Maybe even more since it has a lot of green, and a bit of blue to keep it from looking too autumn-like.

Tango Cover Shots 6

Mine is 9 blocks x 7 blocks, (a throw size without borders) and this is a queen size bed.  The blocks finish at 8 inches, and I need two more rows top to bottom and five more side to side to have a nice drop on all sides and get the top edge under the pillows and up to the headboard.

Tango Cover Shots 7

Thanks so much to Marsha who found an error in my instructions for the throw size.  I just goofed with the calculation, dividing when I should have multiplied.  I really should have noticed that the numbers for the throw should have been larger than the lullaby.  Anyway, I have corrected the posts, and corrected the pdf downloads.  To see all the Tango posts, just click on the sidebar category of  2016 Scrap Dance Tango.  The pattern is coming along and I hope to have it done in mid-July for downloading on Craftsy.  I’ll be putting both setting designs in as well.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments on Tango!

Qucikstep Finished 1

And in other news, the Scrap Dance Quickstep pattern has been completed and uploaded to Craftsy!  Get it while it is at its introductory price of just $5 for 14 quilt designs!  Dasha in Australia has already Quickstepped a top!  See her version here.   I have created 14 setting designs (5 classic and 9 original), and all are included along with three block sizes.  Yes it includes the Garden Maze setting!  Pattern sales help support the costs of my blog, and that includes things like domain costs and shipping giveaway prizes.  So, hop over to my Craftsy Store and get Scrap Dance Quickstep! or any of my Craftsy Patterns.  Christmas in July will have several chances to win, so more fun coming up soon!  While you are on Craftsy, upload pictures of your completed Scrap Dance quilts on the pattern page, by scrolling down on the right side to the button “Add a Finished Project”.   And you are welcome to post finished Quickstep quilts in our Scrap Dance Flickr group.

And in other news, I have completed 10 more hours of CEU, and my tests, so I am doing the happy dance!

Are you doing the Quickstep or the Tango right now?

12 thoughts on “Quilting Scrap Dance Tango, and News

  1. It’s gorgeous! I love seeing how people quilt their quilts, and I enjoyed seeing your close up photos of how you made your pattern.
    I will work on my Tango a bit this week, but have lots of sewing ahead!

  2. Melanie

    Love your finished “Tango” and I’m still working on mine, but making progress. Your pictures and descriptions are excellent, Carole, always learning so much from you and how to fix this and that. Very helpful technique in marking the loop points on your borders…maybe this will help me get mine looking for uniform. Congrats on your study progress! You are awesome. :o) m

  3. Good Morning Carole! Your Scrap Tango is so beautiful. I love all of your greens as the prominent color yet it still allows all of the other scrap fabrics to be noticed and make the whole quilt just outstanding; the kind of wow I have to take a double take! I am still working on mine. I have not been feeling very well and it is just taking everything in my power to get up and do anything for very long. Already feeling better. So hopefully will get a lot done today. Thank you for mentioning the mistake, Deanna and I were discussing it and had just decided on making a specific number of blocks and go from there. LOL. I will check out your changes and see if they match what we figured. Congrats on getting through the first 10 hours! Superb accomplishment and knowing that you got through this part makes it easier to get through the next 10 hours! Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. dezertsuz

    Still going on the tango. Keep nipping away at those CEU hours and they’ll soon be finished! Thanks for showing how you quilted the tango. It made a fabulous finish.

  5. I had to get my grandaughter Addison’s quilt off the design wall and assembled before I tackled step 6. I ran out of “border fabric” for her quilt, so it lays on my work table with 2 borders on, and 2 pending! So, now I am “working on step 6”. Will get some photo’s taken today and a blog post written soon about both! Thanks for the great pattern.

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