Quick Placecards for the Tablescape

I love using placecards with guests names on tablescapes.  I think it adds a bit of elegance to the table, and gives guests a little something to do while I am getting the first course out to the table.  I know that some of my guests are close friends, and will ride together to get here, so I place them farther apart to foster more conversation.  For these placecards, I started with purple cardstock to go with my violets theme.

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

I stamped a flower on white card stock using light lavendar ink.

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

Then used a punch to cut them out, centering the stamped image.

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

I cut the lavendar card stock into placecard size of 2 inches by 4 inches. I stamped a phrase on the back side in Grape ink, which can be seen by the person sitting across the table, and gives the participants a nice little souvenir to take home. “Time spent with friends is time well spent.”

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

The flower accent is glued to the front. Each name is hand written.

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

All six done.

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

So easy, these only took about 15 minutes, yet added so much to the table!

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

At a recent dinner with friends, I had a patriotic tablescape and did placecards in with stars. The back side had the word Celebrate.

Patriotic place cards at From My Carolina Home

On the front, I wrote the names and added some stars to the left side. These took a grand total of 10 minutes to make, and added a personal touch to the table. Guests love to take these home as a remembrance.

Patriotic place cards at From My Carolina Home

These days, I know that very few have dinner parties or luncheons in their homes anymore. It is just easier to go out, meet at a restaurant, or chat at a meeting. But I still enjoy the pleasure of a leisurely meal, shared with friends in our home. I enjoy cooking and creating, and what better way to do all the things I enjoy!

Do you still entertain in your home?

9 thoughts on “Quick Placecards for the Tablescape

  1. Good Morning Carole. That is a great idea making the place cards for your guests. And though and I think how you put something on the backs is an extra special touch. I don’t entertain at all. I always wanted to but I dont like to do much cooking and I really do not like baking. I do appreciate you and others that do entertain in their homes. I really love to see how people set up their dinner table. Thank you for sharing

  2. Mary Jo

    Thanks to your influence I have been having a group of friends over about once a month for lunch. I keep planning to have something in the evening to include the husbands. We all enjoy each others company so much that it is a shame that we don’t get together more often. I love the place cards. I will have to do something like that, especially for the lunch bunch. Deanna, you need to just fix something simple (which is what I do) and get together with your friends! I have found that the fellowship is what most of this is about, not about how good a cook you are or how fancy your table setting is. One on my lunches was just deli meats and cheeses with a variety of breads. Everybody just made their own sandwiches and I also served chips. For dessert we had mixed berries over vanilla ice cream! Everybody seemed to really enjoy this meal as much as they did the meals where I got a little fancier.

  3. catsandroses

    You have quite a knack for putting together those special touches for your luncheons/dinners! I am one of those who would rather meet with friends at a restaurant; don’t really enjoy all the flurry of activity it takes for me to have others over, other than family. Those place-cards are cute — I’d probably take mine home and use it as a bookmark, since I never seem to have enough!

  4. Good Morning Carole! These are delightful and I can see why you chose to make them; they really do add character to your table setting and would make a nice way to get guests to talking and meeting one another. I do not have very many opportunities for setting a table and using these name tags, but the next time I do, I will create some. Thank you for sharing your adorable name tags! Have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Yes, the dinner party is dying, but I still love to entertain. Your place cards are such a nice touch…these days we do more buffet style dining, and I like to label the dishes on the buffet. I need to remember to add some special touches to the labels like you did. Happy weekend Carole

  6. Sadly or happily, depending on how much time I have, no! It looks like dinner at your pace is a very stylish affair, I love all the thought you give over to who sits with whom. The place cards are very special – do they all want to take them home with them afterwards?!
    Wren x

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