Amazing Value Play

I am excited to announce that my first quilt pattern is published!  Now you can see some of my secret sewing, LOL!!  This was a fun project and I am sure I will do more of these.  The quilt pattern is called Amazing Value Play, and it really is amazing.  The look of the quilt changes with values placed in different areas.  I have made two quilts from it so far, and I can get several more (all different!) from the same pattern.

AVP duo 1

I worked with pattern testers, and a technical editor, so the instructions are clear and easy to understand.  It is for beginners and more advanced quilters too!

The pattern is a pdf download from my Etsy store so you’ll get it immediately.  You’ll need Adobe Reader on your computer, and most computers already have this.  On my Etsy store listing, you’ll see a couple more value play ideas, and the pattern has even more.  – Amazing Value Play Quilt Pattern


International buyers welcome!  Etsy is taking care of the Value Added Tax for European countries, so you can buy digital products without reservation.

Update June 2015 – Now available on Craftsy!  Click Amazing Value Play on Craftsy!

You’ll be amazed at the number of different quilts that can be made from a single pattern.  It is easy enough for a beginner, yet the value placement will challenge the more experienced quilter too.  The pattern gives two sets of instructions for two different looks, then shows some ideas for other colorways.  I hope you will consider purchasing my pattern, the pattern will keep you busy from beginner to advanced with possibilities!

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18 thoughts on “Amazing Value Play

  1. A lovely pattern Carole – clever you!
    I’m still plodding away on my little half inch hexi bag for my daughter – it’s progressing very slowly as I’ve been working too much!
    Congratulations – here’s to many sales for you!
    Shane x

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